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    Top > Beauty tips

    Vast collection of articles addressing the beauty of women, from skin care, eyebrows, lips, acne treatments, bath salt recipes to body art


    Angelina Jolie the ideal for cosmetic surgery
    Angelina Jolie is the gold standard of beauty among women seeking cosmetic surgery and that's not about to change, says a leading Hollywood surgeon.

    The US movie star has the most requested look - exagerated, almost cartoonish lips, eyes and cheek bones - desired by American women wanting a nip and tuck, Professor Ava Shamban says. Professor Shamban, a cosmetic dermatologist, told a gathering of 400 Australian specialists that demand for this brand of exotic look is here to stay.
    16-Apr-2007 - Details


    Tips for Making Your Skin Radiant on Your Wedding Day
    Every bride wants her wedding to be picture perfect - from the dress to the flowers to the food at the reception. And of course, brides want to be beautiful, both for the ceremony and for the wedding pictures. Beauty starts with good skin, so start planning ahead to ensure flawless skin on the big day.

    There's no makeup that can compete with the glow of healthy skin, so now is the time to get serious about skin care. To help diminish facial wrinkles, you'll want a product that contains peptides, amino acids which stimulate the skin to synthesize its own collage, the substance that keeps your skin firm and elastic. It's proven that peptides twice a day for 30 days will have a substantial impact on your skin.
    23-Apr-2007 - Details


    How To Look Ten Years Younger
    It seems like everyone has an idea that will help keep you looking young and beautiful. Only problem is, who do you trust?

    AP9 Shopping Essentials, a leading discount membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, is a perfect place to start. As a supplier with exclusive savings on items such as clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, and just about any other items need for a beauty makeover, has decided to offer a little help for those in need.

    Here are five tips from AP9 Shopping Essentials that can help make you look ten years young!
    25-Jun-2007 - Details


    Tattoos taboo - Makeup to the rescue
    With many young adults getting tattoos -- and some having tattoo remorse -- makeup designed to conceal body art is becoming more popular. It's an alternative to hiding behind clothes or painful and costly laser tattoo-removal procedures.

    Some brides are using makeup to hide their tattoos for their walk down the aisle. Other people are using heavy foundations and concealers for job interviews and work.

    "The tattoo is establishing your identity, but you have to take into account getting a job," says Lee Graff, president and co-founder of the Toronto-based Cover FX Skin Care Inc. "I don't think young people understand that tattoos are permanent. Makeup helps give you control over something that may be controlling you."
    09-Jul-2007 - Details


    Klum gets glittery about her makeup
    NEW YORK Heidi Klum's not just a glamour girl. She's a glitter girl, too.

    Sparkly makeup isn't quite part of her everyday beauty routine - but it's pretty close. The supermodel and "Project Runway" star says she wears at least a bit of glitter several times a week, whether she's going shopping or to a party.
    16-Jul-2007 - Details


    The dirty little secrets of men
    Beauty can be a touchy subject for men: Own up to caring about it and one runs the risk of being ridiculed. Leave things as nature intended and, well, things could get ugly. Enter the male beauty industry, a niche market where heels, makeup and manicures abound – they're just tailored for men.
    23-Jul-2007 - Details


    How to Apply Eye Makeup
    Many men have said that it was the eyes of a woman that attracted them, and women spend a great deal of time trying to apply makeup in a way that will enhance their eyes. Whether you have widely spaced eyes, eyes that are close together, smaller eyes, or even eyes that appear droopy, you can learn how to apply eye makeup in a way that will make your eyes look great. Many times having beautiful eyes is only a matter or learning the perfect eye makeup technique, and then you too can have those come hither eyes that will have your man lost in your eyes all night long.
    23-Jul-2007 - Details


    Object of Affection: Lip Licks
    Finally. Lip products that actually do something instead of just sitting there, looking pretty. OK, maybe they don’t exactly do it, maybe the “thought” and the “hope” that they do is what’s really working here. But does that matter? I think not. In fact, since I’ve tested all three products, I’ve definitely attracted men, gotten fit and even though I don’t smoke; I lost any desire to even be around smokers. Or build a campfire. Or watch FX’s Rescue Me.
    30-Jul-2007 - Details


    Fresh Fall Beauty Trends
    The seasons are changing, which means makeup and hair styles are, too.

    On The Early Show Monday, stylist to the stars David Evangelista looked into his crystal ball at some trends you can expect to be hot this fall.

    The first look was a natural one, with bronze eye shadow, nude/champagne lips, a braided bun, and metallic blue nail polish. The second look was more dramatic, with bright red lips, a clean eye, loose, wavy hair, and aubergine nail polish.
    20-Aug-2007 - Details


    Jlo reveals her beauty secret
    CURVES HAVE always been her thing. After all, they don't call Jennifer Lopez 'La Guitarra' for her strumming ability. The actress and singer whose voluptuous shape breaks the Hollywood size zero mould believes a woman should be proud of her body.
    20-Aug-2007 - Details


    Tips for Making Your Skin Radiant on Your Wedding Day
    Every bride wants her wedding to be picture perfect - from the dress to the flowers to the food at the reception. And of course, brides want to be beautiful, both for the ceremony and for the wedding pictures. Beauty starts with good skin, so start planning ahead to ensure flawless skin on the big day.
    27-Aug-2007 - Details


    Two faces of fall
    Think you can just slick on some lip balm and go? Not this season. Fall 2007 is a season for looking done -- not overdone, mind you, but well groomed and made up with a bit of drama.

    "We're seeing the strong red lip with the defined eye and contoured cheek," says Tara Anand, director of Artists Within School of Makeup in Calgary. "We're also seeing the minimal look with soft pinks and grey hues. It's fairly clean, but very glamorous. Very feminine, but strong."

    Here's how to get these two top looks for fall.
    19-Sep-2007 - Details


    Trend Alert Bold Eyebrows
    Bold eyebrows have been around for quite some time and it does not look like they are going away anytime soon! I reported back in spring that bold eyebrows where going to be hot, but I don’t think I even knew how they would take off. For a long time thinner more structured brows were the style and those wild thick brows. Now however thicker bolder brows that are filled in with a eyebrow pencil are all the rage. Plus this is a perfect look for fall. It will add a bit of color and interest to your face once those tans start fading away
    19-Sep-2007 - Details


    Beauty: Know your body
    Moisturising isn't just about lashings of cream to keep skin soft and supple, or to reduce the signs of ageing.

    Astral, the all-over moisturiser, believes it is important to use the time spent moisturising to do a full service body MOT and get to know your body better!

    We all know what we should be doing to check our body for anything unusual, but do we all do it? Sadly the answer is no!
    26-Sep-2007 - Details


    Porcelain is a Favorite for Cosmetic Dentistry, Why
    Porcelain is a favored material for smile makeovers. Also referred to as ceramic, when used for fillings and other dental work the material can look exactly like a real tooth. Porcelain work is also significantly stronger than other dental materials
    15-Oct-2007 - Details


    Bridal Makeup Tips You Should Know
    After choosing the ideal man, the desired dress and a perfect wedding plan, it is time for a wonderful bridal makeup. Playing one of the most important roles in your look, it should be very carefully chosen. It is important to look beautiful, so you would be good to also consult a makeup artist.
    15-Oct-2007 - Details


    How to Clean Makeup Brushes
    Cleaning your makeup brushes is necessary to keep them in the best shape. There are many products available to clean your makeup brushes … some you already own.

    Cleaning makeup brushes can be a hassle but it is necessary for them to remain in the best shape. With the following options available I know you will find one that works best for you.
    15-Oct-2007 - Details


    Shave Those Legs
    Did you know that you have approximately 3,000 to 4,000 hair follicles per square inch so is it any wonder that women find shaving a tedious chore? Unfortunately it is something that most of us have to devote a little time to. I have offered you tips on getting the cleanest shave a few years ago, now I'm going to look at some of the bad habits that we all forget about.
    29-Oct-2007 - Details


    Strategies for a More Mature Look
    Hello, I hope you can help me. I am a 28-year-old professional. However, many people mistake me for being much younger. Although I don’t usually have a problem with this, I am finding it becoming a challenge for me, specifically in the workforce. I’d like to try some makeup tips that will help me look my age so that people will hopefully start taking me more seriously
    29-Oct-2007 - Details


    How to Get Serious Skin Care
    To maintain good skin you need to use serious skin care. This doesn’t mean that is order to have serious skin care you need to spend countless hours in the bathroom in front of a mirror. Rather serious skin care involves the careful analysis of your skin type and what specific techniques and products will help your skin look and feel great.
    29-Oct-2007 - Details

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