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    Top > Beauty tips

    Vast collection of articles addressing the beauty of women, from skin care, eyebrows, lips, acne treatments, bath salt recipes to body art


    New Chocolate Treatments Are Beautylicious
    If you think chocolate satisfies your sweet tooth, you should see what it does for your skin
    18-Jul-2005 - Details


    Scientific Skin Care Makes Stars Skin Glow On The Small Screen
    Whether they are catching card counters in sin city, shielding the nation from terrorists or helping spirits resolve unfinished business on earth, they are all doing it with glowing skin. Stars of the hit TV shows Las Vegas, 24 and Ghost Whisperer may not have a lot in common, but they all share radiant complexions thanks to P8N8 skincare products.
    18-May-2006 - Details


    Prepare to bare with dead sea delights
    Overcast grey skies and driving rain can make you feel miserable. Most of us apply the old out of sight, out of mind adage and neglect our beauty routines terrible during the cold weather. However those months of neglect means its also time for a top to toe spring clean so that you are able to strip off with confidence at the first sign of sun.

    The Dead Sea is world famous for its mineral rich, skin healing waters, from the queen of Sheba to Cleopatra, for centuries thousands have visited in order to bathe in this unique place. Malki’s Dead Sea range has harnessed these potent minerals and created a fantastic range that can access all areas to deliver a much needed beauty boost.
    18-May-2006 - Details


    Beauty tips from new reality series
    Makeover tips for free? Yes, just tune in to TV3’s reality TV series Felisa Beauty Makeover. SHEELA CHANDRAN has the story
    05-Jul-2005 - Details


    Star beauty: Score celeb tips from the pros
    These days, star watchers want way more than Bette Davis Eyes. Nicole Kidman's impossibly long legs. Lindsay Lohan's adorable pug nose. Pamela Anderson's . . . upper regions. But, alas, without the help of a doctor, you may never be able to achieve such perfection
    05-Jul-2005 - Details


    Ancient Chinese Acne Remedy
    Acne is often caused by a disruption of the hormonal system, and aggravated by bad diet and stress. This ancient Chinese secret for bringing the hormones back into balance will help to clear up acne as it helps you to feel more energized and whole.
    27-Jun-2005 - Details


    How to Stay Young: Beauty
    No matter what age we are, we all want to feel good on the inside. For many women the path to that internal happiness is looking good on the outside, and many women in the baby boomer era aren't afraid to use whatever beauty tools that come along to age more gracefully.
    27-Oct-2005 - Details


    Save On Laser Hair Removal - But At What Cost
    They are popping up all over the Bay Area -- medi-spas and cosmetic clinics which often advertise special offers or promotions for laser hair removal and other procedures. But are you really getting a deal? And at what cost? Michael Finney looks at the numbers.
    22-May-2006 - Details


    Hot weather beauty tips
    Looking stylish and relaxed is a difficult business when temperatures soar, especially when heat is accompanied by high humidity. Make-up tips for hot weather
    11-Jul-2005 - Details


    Can anyone recommend a good foundation with SPF for oily skin
    I don't really wear makeup very often, but have been thinking about getting a good foundation with SPF to wear in the summertime because the sun makes my skin blotchy instead of tan, and I don't like the way it looks. I don't want to wear anything too oily or pore-clogging because I have oily skin
    11-Jul-2005 - Details


    Spring fashion must-haves are hot new lipstick, stylish haircut
    Want to give your look a lift? Forget plastic surgery or Botox or even microderm abrasion. A new lipstick can do the trick and so can a chic new haircut.
    18-May-2006 - Details


    Botox: should I, shouldnt I
    Botox was first used in 1978, to weaken overactive muscles in the eye, then to treat other neurological conditions, such as facial and neck muscle spasms, with good results and few side effects. It was first used cosmetically in 1990, to reduce facial wrinkles that arise from muscle contraction, such as frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s-feet.
    13-Jul-2005 - Details


    Best-Kept Celebrity Beauty Secrets
    Like you and me, celebrities aren’t flawless. They rely on the help of beauty products and cosmetics to help them achieve on-screen perfection. But exactly which items do Hollywood’s A-list ladies prefer? Read on to find out what products celebs are raving about, along with some star-studded tips
    14-Jul-2005 - Details


    Tattoo is no longer taboo
    Once the domain of sailors and bikies, tattoos are now more popular than ever before.

    That drove Leeana Kent, a PhD researcher with Central Queensland University, to study why people decide to get tattoos.
    16-May-2006 - Details


    The top 100 beauty products
    In our final part of our series on the top 100 beauty products, we give you the chance to win this week's selection of grooming and cosmetic accessories, as chosen by our experts
    02-Aug-2005 - Details


    The best beauty advice we ever got
    All of us have received our share of beauty advice from well-meaning "advisers." Much of it we politely dismiss, like the urgings of finicky hairstylists who insist we cut our hair according to "the latest style." Once in a blue moon, though, we're treated to a tidbit that winds up becoming an indispensable part of our daily routine. Here, experts share the beauty advice they got and never forgot
    02-Aug-2005 - Details


    How to pluck your eyebrows
    There are many lessons to be had from eyebrow tweezing/plucking sessions and finding a professional is not always the answer. I recently came out of a beauty salon looking like a plucked chicken when the beauty therapist waxed my straight, thin brows to within an inch of their life, in an attempt to create an arch!
    25-Jul-2005 - Details


    Beauty is in the eyes
    SURE, they take up even less than a third of your face, but your eyes definitely say a lot about your beauty habits. Those ojos are more than just the windows to your soul; they also give the world a glimpse of your life by reflecting stress, fatigue, and aging in ways the rest of your face can't.
    25-Jul-2005 - Details


    Treating Cellulite
    Cellulite is the term used to describe pockets of stored fat located just below the surface of the skin. The affected areas have a dimpled appearance and are often described as looking like cottage cheese or an orange peel.
    15-May-2006 - Details


    Why does fat deposit on the hips and thighs of women and around the stomachs of men
    We all do tend to fatten up with age, although there are interesting differences based on age and gender. Hormones drive the deposition of fat around the pelvis, buttocks, and thighs of women and the bellies of men. For women, this so-called sex-specific fat appears to be physiologically advantageous, at least during pregnancies. But it has a cosmetic down-side as well, in the form of cellulite. The potbelly, on the other hand, is a typical male form of obesity that has no known advantage and can be life threatening.
    15-May-2006 - Details

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