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    Top > Beauty tips

    Vast collection of articles addressing the beauty of women, from skin care, eyebrows, lips, acne treatments, bath salt recipes to body art


    Looking good: Face it, beauty starts with the skin
    Dermatologists are increasingly jumping into the cosmetics game. Here are some products sold or endorsed by notable docs:
    23-Jun-2006 - Details


    Is Beauty A Curse For Some Women
    Why would a really good looking woman need to join a dating service? This question was posed to me almost daily by single men during the nearly 23 years I owned such a service. (The only other question asked of me almost as frequently during that same time period was "Are we there yet? by my kids on the way to... anywhere).
    23-Jun-2006 - Details


    Beauty, Skin and Age
    Using a revolutionary imaging process, a new study is revealing that wrinkles aren't the only cue the human eye looks for to evaluate age. Scientists at the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute for Urban Ethology (Austria) and the Department for Sociobiology/Anthropology at the University of Goettingen (Germany), have shown that facial skin color distribution, or tone, can add, or subtract, as much as 20 years to a woman's age.
    23-Jun-2006 - Details


    The Appearance of Your Hands Can Reveal Your Age
    Want to know a person's real age? Just look at their hands, reports a study in the June issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). According to the study, most people can accurately tell a person's age by viewing only their hands.
    23-Jun-2006 - Details


    How to get a tan without risking your life with skin cancer
    We wanted tans. We wanted that golden look associated with the leisure life of boating, beaching and golfing.

    Plus, who can deny the fact a bit of color is like camouflage? A golden tan covers flaws and makes one look thinner and, some believe, healthier.
    03-Jul-2006 - Details


    10 Body Myths: From Weight Loss to Memory Loss, How Well Do You Know Your Body
    When should you begin checking your blood pressure? Is your sunscreen really giving you the protection you think it is? "20/20" teams up anti-aging guru Dr. Michael F. Roizen and heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, authors of "You: The Owner's Manual" to debunk 10 body myths - from why you gain weight to aging and memory.
    03-Jul-2006 - Details


    Skin scanner promises to predict problem spots
    The mirror on the wall might be able to tell who's the fairest of them all, but BrighTex Bio-Photonics LLC's scanner can tell a whole lot more.
    Applying technology used for inspecting semiconductor wafers for defects, BrighTex developed the Clarity Pro facial image scanner, which claims to identify bacteria-clogging pores, show where wrinkles are forming and identify skin damage caused by the sun.
    03-Jul-2006 - Details


    Tips for Making Your Skin Radiant on Your Wedding Day
    Every bride wants her wedding to be picture perfect - from the dress to the flowers to the food at the reception. And of course, brides want to be beautiful, both for the ceremony and for the wedding pictures. Beauty starts with good skin, so start planning ahead to ensure flawless skin on the big day
    03-Jul-2006 - Details


    Dove initiated a public debate of the definition of beauty in Russia
    A round-table discussion, “Beauty stereotypes: a variety of sides of one problem” held within the framework of the Campaign For Real Beauty took place in Baltchug hotel on May 30, 2006.

    Apart from the major media among the participants of the round-table discussion were Russian experts and newsmakers: psychologist Grazhina Budinaite, politician Irina Hakamada, fashion historian Olga Wanstein, director of Moscow House of Photography Olga Sviblova, plastic surgeon Vladimir Tapia-Fernandez, film director and ad maker Tina Barkalaya. The event was hosted by TV anchor Larisa Krivtsova, the author of City of Women project.
    04-Jul-2006 - Details


    Ultraviolet radiation from sunbeds increases skin-cancer risk
    According to an opinion of the Scientific Committee on Consumer products (SCCP) to the European Commission, the use of ultraviolet-radiation devices, tanning lamps and sunbeds, to achieve and maintain cosmetic tanning, is likely to increase the risk of malignant melanoma of the skin. Therefore, scientists recommend that people with known risk factors, such as skin with high sunburn susceptibility, none or poor tanning ability, the presence of freckles, atypical and/or multiple moles and a family history of melanoma should not use tanning devices for cosmetic purposes. Equally, individuals under 18 should not use tanning devices since the risk of melanoma seems to be particularly high when using them at a young age.
    10-Jul-2006 - Details


    Manicure Tips
    What was once considered a luxury for the rich is now part of the daily routine for the modern woman. The word manicure finds its origin in the latin word 'manus' which means hand and 'cura' which means care. Regular manicures can do wonders for your hands - keep them well groomed, clean and attractive. You can give yourself a simple home manicure. Find out what manicure products you need to pamper your nails. What are French manicures? Look up our simple hand care tips that can keep your talons healthy and shining.
    11-Jul-2006 - Details


    Tattoos are back in fashion, but proceed with caution
    Tattoos are big. They’re beautiful. They’re body art that dates back to ancient times.
    If you’re considering a tattoo for the first time or wanting to add a new one to your personal canvas, a recent news report on people who had new tattoos might interest you. The report highlighted an outbreak of MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. The outbreak of this drug-resistant skin bacterial infection was traced to unlicensed tattoo artists
    14-Jul-2006 - Details


    Kiss and makeup: The top beauty trends for brides
    Sexy or sophisticated? What kind of look are you going for on your big day? Here, a few of our fave looks!
    14-Jul-2006 - Details


    Acrylic Nail
    Long well manicured nails have always been coveted by women in most cultures. Artificial nails are a favorite accessory with women who want to sport long nails but can’t get their natural nails to grow that well
    24-Jul-2006 - Details


    Natural Beauty-making skin care products at home
    For centuries before supermarkets, beauty sites and infomercials, man has made cosmetics, using what was grown, sown and owned by housewives, herbalists and beekeepers. Now, with the moves towards natural beauty and rising interest in organics, New Zealand women are looking at making their own cosmetics from natural products.
    24-Jul-2006 - Details


    Chocolate - the delicious skin care ingredient
    Sensation Chocolat Paris is due to launch a new skin care range on the market this winter that taps into increasing demands for exotic, natural and effective ingredients.

    The French company has built up a portfolio of cocoa-based products in the space of the last year marketed on the antioxidant and nourishing effects of the ingredient on the skin and is now set to launch three further products.
    08-Aug-2006 - Details


    Mens Skin Care Made Easy
    "One of the key factors in dealing with men's skin care, is that they want something that's simple and easy to use," says Una Cassidy of Anthony Logistics. But it's more than just soap and water. Take into consideration, a man's skin type, his preference. Maybe the climate, where he lives. His age. All of those factors.
    09-Aug-2006 - Details


    Sophia Loren beauty tip - olive oil bath
    Named the world's most naturally beautiful person in an online poll, 71-year-old Italian actress Sophia Loren says one of her secrets is an olive oil bath.

    The BBC said the Oscar-winning actress topped an online poll for the Dare to Be Bare Awards in recognition of natural beauty. The star says her natural beauty is partly due to "the odd bath in virgin olive oil" and a love for spaghetti and for life.
    14-Aug-2006 - Details


    The 25 best body products
    In the last of our four-part series on the top 100 beauty products, we give you the chance to win the best 25 body products, as selected by our panel of experts
    23-Aug-2006 - Details


    The secret of no cellulite
    Helena Frith Powell persuades French women to reveal the key to dimple-free skin

    I am on a beach in Corsica looking at a French woman's bottom. It is pert, round and deliciously tanned. At the risk of being arrested, I move a little closer. This is an important investigation. What I'm trying to discover is whether or not French women have cellulite.
    23-Aug-2006 - Details

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