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    Top > Beauty tips

    Vast collection of articles addressing the beauty of women, from skin care, eyebrows, lips, acne treatments, bath salt recipes to body art


    The latest in lip service
    Fashion used to be confined to clothes. Then it crept to other consumer goods, like cars and houses. Now we're told our faces are subject to it too. This week Australian doctors will hear all about modes in lip shape from Dr Rita Rakus, the self-styled "London Lip Queen'', who will address audiences in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.
    02-Oct-2006 - Details


    Feed your Face: 10 Foods for better skin
    Wouldn’t it be great if the food you ate made you more beautiful? Well it can –– if you’re eating the right stuff, that is. You can’t just shove junk food in your face and expect to have radiant skin. But if you swap those cheese puffs for a cup of cottage cheese, you just might get glowing results. Read on for 10 yummy foods that’ll fill your belly AND nourish your skin.
    09-Oct-2006 - Details


    Laser Hair Removal
    When most people think of Laser Hair Removal, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to Laser Hair Removal than just the basics.

    How it Works
    16-Oct-2006 - Details


    Some Tips for Beautiful Skin
    Real beauty is a reflection of real health, and health begins deep inside each and every cell in the body. But real health and real beauty have an outer component, which is why we require protection from environmental insults such as solar radiation, pollutants in our environment and the drying effects of air. . . The fact is, you simply cannot contain a healthy body if your skin isn’t healthy. And your skin can’t be healthy if your are subjecting it to toxic substances that are ultimately absorbed into your body.”
    23-Oct-2006 - Details


    Beauty of skin
    THE perfect skin goes far to make a woman look beautiful. The late Lillian Russell, who had a perfect complexion, declared that “soap and water” was its secret. But even when there are black heads, blotches, pimples, a sallow, mothy or greasy skin, and this simple specific fails, there is a cure. There are different types of skin beauty. We have the baby pink and white, transparent skin; there is the “peaches and cream” complexion; or the creamy brunette skin, and many variants. Your business is to make your own particular type of skin and complexion look their best.
    23-Oct-2006 - Details


    Womens Skin Tone Influences Perception Of Beauty, Health And Age
    A new study is revealing that wrinkles aren't the only cue the human eye looks for to evaluate age. Facial skin color distribution, or tone, can add 10-12 years to a woman's perceived age.

    The study, published in the latest issue of the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, used three-dimensional imaging and morphing software to remove wrinkles and furrows from pictures of women, leaving skin tone as the only variable. Researchers were then able to determine exactly what impact facial skin tone has on how young, healthy and attractive people perceive the women to be. Faces with more even skin tone were judged to be younger.
    31-Oct-2006 - Details


    Eight steps to healthy nails
    There are a number of things you can do to help prevent nail fungus and infections, says the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. The society offers the following tips
    29-Nov-2006 - Details


    Tips for Lipsticks
    How do you treat all of your lipsticks? Have you ever taken care of them very special? We want to give you the tips of lipsticks. You can find how to keep your lipsticks. Besides, you can also find they way to use your lipsticks effectively.
    07-Dec-2006 - Details


    20 Quick Beauty Fixes
    Beauty fades, but only when you let it.

    Keeping a fresh, polished look may require some upkeep. However, with minimal effort you can improve yourself from head to toe -- and every little bit counts. After all, the sum is the whole of its parts.

    Even when time isn’t on your side, there are simple ways to optimize your appearance without spending a fortune on costly cosmetics and beauty products. Better nails, healthy hair, smoother skin and a flawless face can be yours with the help of these 20 quick beauty fixes.
    15-Dec-2006 - Details


    How to get through dry-skin season
    That lavender-scented shower gel you love?

    Put it away until spring.

    If your skin is feeling the ravages of dry winter weather, scented bath gels are the last thing it needs, says Wichita dermatologist Chris Moeller.

    The two biggest causes of tight, itchy, dry skin are cold, dry weather and the heaters in our homes and workplaces.
    19-Dec-2006 - Details


    Best of Beauty 2006
    Each year, hundreds of new beauty products hit makeup counters and drugstore shelves. They all sound great, so it can be somewhat overwhelming to separate the worthwhile from the worthless. To help, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite products released during the past year
    19-Dec-2006 - Details


    How to apply blush
    You refer to applying blush to the round “apples” that form on your cheeks when you smile.

    With this method, you end up with circular blobs of color, which creates that Raggedy Ann effect.
    08-Jan-2007 - Details


    Sun Tanning Tips
    A great tan makes you look healthy and beautiful, but make sure to do it right. Protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Below you will find tips for sunless tanning, sunburn first aide and proper use of sunscreen to protect your skin while gaining a beautiful tan.Sunless Tanning Tips

    * Try the light to Medium products if you have fair skin or the Dark formula if you have darker skin.
    * Before applying sunless tanners, cleanse and exfoliate skin with a soft loofah or cloth to achieve a longer-lasting, even tan and allow it to dry. Any dry patches will absorb too much color and your tan will look uneven.
    * When applying to the face, avoid spreading in or around eyes.
    * Use sparingly around knees, ankles and elbows where formula can develop darker. Apply a thin even coat over your body. Using both horizontal and vertical strokes or a circular motion.
    Use a sponge paintbrush, available at any hardware store, to apply self tanner to your back. Look for one that is from two to three inches in size. Wash before use and let it air dry.
    15-Jan-2007 - Details


    Scented gels could worsen dry skin
    That lavender-scented shower gel you love?

    Put it away until spring.

    If your skin is feeling the ravages of dry winter weather, scented bath gels are the last thing it needs, says dermatologist Chris Moeller of Wichita, Kan.

    The two biggest causes of tight, itchy, dry skin are cold, dry weather and the heaters in our homes and workplaces.

    No. 3 on the list: How we care for our skin.

    Here are Moeller's five steps to getting through the dry-skin season:
    23-Jan-2007 - Details


    7 wonders of beauty world
    OPEN the beauty pages of any women's mag and you'll find news of the latest 'miracle' skin cream.

    The buzzword in beauty right now is Cosmeceuticals, anti-ageing products that fall between cosmetics and prescription pharmaceutical drugs.

    Only available for salons, clinics and spas, the key to why these pricey creams work is the strength of their wrinkle-busting ingredients and how they're mixed together.
    23-Jan-2007 - Details


    How To Avoid Winters Itch And Effectively Treat It
    Winter can be an absolute nightmare month for our hair and skin. The cold, blustery winds and the extremely cold temperatures can really play havoc with our bodies if they are not fully protected.
    30-Jan-2007 - Details


    Shape eyebrows to fit your face
    The shape and color of your brows add expression and character to your face. So, you need to know how to create and maintain a flattering brow line with as little fuss as possible. Hollywood makeup expert Kristi Fuhrmann shares her secrets.
    26-Mar-2007 - Details


    Vitamin mask for skin
    Make intensive vitamin mask for face skin to take winter tiredness away. This mask is recommended for dry and normal skin.

    Mix 2 tea-spoons of any liquid cream with 2 tea-spoons of yolk and add salt on the tip of knife. Then add in the mixture 15-20 drops of vitamin A, 15-20 drops of vitamin E and 8-10 drops of vitamin D.

    Put the mask on the dry face skin after hot salt compress. Keep for some minutes and take the mask away with wads of cotton wool wetted in the cold tea.
    26-Mar-2007 - Details


    Beauty style: The Sybarite
    Someone once asked me why I don’t have more skincare science in my column. My answer is that, first, it’s boring; and second, it’s often dissembling exaggeration. How do I know this? Well, how about the findings of the magazine Consumer Reports (the American version of Which?).
    09-Apr-2007 - Details


    How to Stay Blister-Free
    Spring is a treacherous season. New shoes + heat + lots of walking in the spring air = blisters. Just the other evening I donned my adorable new platform pumps. An hour into my evening I was silently cringing in agony with every step. Take my advice:
    09-Apr-2007 - Details

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