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    Top > Bridal Gown

    Learn everything you need to know about wedding dress. Find articles about bridal attire, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and designer gowns


    What s hot in wedding flowers
    Wedding flowers. How does a bride know what kinds, what colors and what arrangements to select and what to consider when coordinating them?
    16-Feb-2006 - Details


    Not all brides wear white
    Not every girl dreams of a wedding with a big white princess gown and a groom in a top hat and tails.
    16-Feb-2006 - Details


    Fashion designers pack glamour and glitz in to Perfect Wedding Show
    The four-day Perfect Wedding Show, which began at Expo Centre Sharjah on February 21, 2006, has been hosting several professionally choreographed daily fashion shows.
    24-Feb-2006 - Details


    Brides get bold with bare skin, bright colors
    When shopping for her wedding gown in late 2004, Timnah Masariu of Indianapolis wanted something different.She personalized a strapless dress by altering the neckline into a sweetheart style and adding a splash of red.
    05-Mar-2006 - Details


    Wedding Reception Trends
    These days, the trend in weddings includes daytime receptions and themed celebrations. So says Susan Southerland in Bridal Guide, Mar/Apr 2006. If a traditional nighttime celebration isn’t the right choice for your reception
    05-Mar-2006 - Details


    Wedding dresses get colorized
    To paraphrase Billy Idol, it's a nice day for a mocha wedding.

    The coffee obsession that has spilled from Seattle to the rest of the country seems to have influenced wedding gowns.
    08-Mar-2006 - Details


    Bridal Fair 2006 Expects A Very Rosy Year For Weddings
    Bridal Fair 2006, the largest wedding gown fair and trade in Malaysia expects a very rosy year for weddings with the desire for romance and fairy tale weddings continuing to prevail in spite of the many economic challenges in the country.
    11-Mar-2006 - Details


    Weddings Valentine style
    Once you have established your budget and your checklist, it's time to make it real! If funds are in place, you can probably make your dream come true with six months' lead time, possibly less (and possibly more, depending on the complexity of your affair). Below, tips for the planning. If you are not your own wedding planner, may this advice empower you to keep your wedding planner on track and working in your best interests.
    13-Mar-2006 - Details


    Top 15 Wedding Gown Shopping Tips
    Calculate costs When calculating your dress budget, don't forget to factor in the cost of your veil and headpiece -- which can run from $50 to $500 -- as well as your shoes, lingerie, and jewelry. Also, keep in mind that almost all gowns need alterations, which will add to the bottom line.
    18-Apr-2006 - Details


    High fashion weddings are in vogue
    June is busting out all over -- with beautiful brides in floor-length gowns and grooms in elegant tuxedos. This year's bridal buzz combines weddings in picturesque floral gardens, rolling-green lawns and the serenity of romantic, flower-filled courtyards.
    23-Jun-2006 - Details


    Nicoles near wedding dress malfunction!
    There was a bit of a nervous moment for Nicole Kidman on her wedding day when the actress found that her hand-made Balenciaga gown didn’t quite fit her svelte figure.
    03-Jul-2006 - Details


    Wedding accessories: 10 Tips to Look your Best
    Before you buy a bra, ask about the store's return policy. You'll likely want to try on a few different bras with your gown, so make sure the garment is returnable for a full refund if you leave the tags on. Take home a handful of styles and try them on with your dress. Move around and dance to make sure the bra stays hidden.
    24-Jul-2006 - Details


    Bridesmaids are finally rewarded with elegant attire
    Over the years, brides-to-be have promised their bridesmaids dresses that they'll love, that they'll wear over and over again. But on what occasion is it really appropriate to trot out pink taffeta and a train?
    24-Jul-2006 - Details


    Tips for Making Your Skin Radiant on Your Wedding Day
    Every bride wants her wedding to be picture perfect - from the dress to the flowers to the food at the reception. And of course, brides want to be beautiful, both for the ceremony and for the wedding pictures. Beauty starts with good skin, so start planning ahead to ensure flawless skin on the big day.
    02-Aug-2006 - Details


    20 avoidable bridal gown mistakes
    You've heard the horror stories. You've seen tearful brides on television court shows trying to get their gown deposits back. You've seen the supposedly funniest home videos of brides' wedding gowns virtually falling apart on them. And maybe you have a family legend or two about very unflattering wedding gowns ("What was she thinking?!"), the gown shop that disappeared overnight and the lipstick smudge that happened right before the ceremony. Here are some ways to increase your odds of not having a wedding gown nightmare, and hopefully not winding up as an object of pity on any kind of television show in the future.
    08-Aug-2006 - Details


    Bridal trends: a splash of color
    In the store it may look like just another dress on just another hanger for just another wedding.

    But to a bride, finding the right dress is about more than having something to wear down the aisle. It's about getting something she'll still love when she flips through wedding pictures with her children. Something her daughter or granddaughter might want to wear. Something she can look at years later and smile, remembering how she felt wearing it.
    23-Aug-2006 - Details


    The Knot Reports Trends & Tips for Fall Fashion
    What was once simply a great season to get a discount has become the most sought-after time of year to wed," says Carley Roney, editor in chief of The Knot. "Couples are attracted to the season's rustic elegance, majestic landscape, and consistent weather found in most parts of the country
    21-Sep-2006 - Details


    Fall Wedding Colors
    Fall is that time of the year when nature puts up one of its most spectacular displays. From the golden-yellow hues of the larch, birch and witch hazel to the reddish-purple of the maple, oak and dogwood, Fall colors are a sight to behold! Browns, reds and gold dominate the theme at a Fall wedding - rich bold colors that are indicative of the season’s natural hues. Check out how to incorporate Fall wedding colors – into your decoration, dress and overall theme!
    16-Oct-2006 - Details


    Simple wedding,a new fashion
    In Chinese view, 2006 is a good year for weddings (for there are two Li Chun or "Beginning of Spring", the first solar item in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, occuring in the Year of the Dog, which mainly cover 2006, and represent good luck, while the number "6" in 2006 is another symbol of good luck, too). In Nanjing alone, more than 7,300 young couples have said their vows in the last nine months, about 2,000 more than last year. These young couples have also started a good new fashion by holding simple wedding ceremonies instead of luxurious ones of the past.
    23-Oct-2006 - Details


    A Winter Wedding
    In the movies, everyone seems to get married in June. But a winter wedding can be terribly glamorous, cinematic and magical. With the right elements, your winter wedding will be a wonderland.
    29-Nov-2006 - Details

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