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    Top > Cooking

    Links to a variety of cooking related articles, information about various aspects of cookery including easy recipes and gourmet cooking


    French Cuisine
    French people have great passion for good food in all its varied forms. France is famous for its wide ranges of cheeses and wines. French cuisine uses French wine and French cheese as they are an integral part of this cuisine and they are used as accompaniments as well as ingredients. Ranging from the conventional baguette or the cheese or the wine, French meals can be simple or elaborate affairs comprising different courses. The amazing range of different climates and geographies support France’s local production of many ingredients that are necessary for their cuisine.
    26-Mar-2007 - Details


    Filipino Cuisine
    Filipino cuisine or Philippines cuisine has the tang of the Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, American, Malay and Indian flavors. The food consumed and prepared by the people of Philippines is as varied as the diverse traditional factions that constitute the Filipino people. Filipinos consume three major meals a day - ‘almusal’- breakfast, ‘tanghalian’ - lunch, and ‘hapunan’- dinner and a light snack ‘merienda’ in the afternoon.
    26-Mar-2007 - Details


    Montignac Diet
    A weight loss diet very popular in Europe in the 1990’s, Montignac diet was formulated by Michel Montignac. Food is divided into four categories namely carbohydrates, lipids including fats and meat, carbohydrate-lipid including nuts and organ meats and fibers including whole grains and vegetables. Carbohydrates with high Glycemic index are termed as bad carbohydrates and this diet recommends that these bad carbohydrates should not be consumed with lipids. This combination will encourage excess fat in food to be stored in the body as excess body fat.

    On the whole this diet aims at serving as a nutritional concept focusing on people who wish to lose weight efficiently. This diet also helps in controlling diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. The method aims at changing the way people - choosing the right food combination to eat and not in limiting what they eat.
    28-May-2007 - Details


    Just like the attire one wears depends on the occasion, similarly the juicer one needs to buy depends on what one intends to do with it. There is no one ‘perfect’ juicer as fruits and vegetables have vastly different properties. So much so the juicing method adopted for one does not work with the other. Fruits with soft cell walls need gentle extraction while others need to be peeled before juicing. Citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines have bitter outer rinds and grinding the whole fruit would result in a bitter juice.
    23-Jul-2007 - Details


    5 Must-Try Marinades
    Despite the meaty, macho posturing of chefs like Anthony Bourdain, some guys still have a bit of a problem hanging out in the environs of the kitchen, preferring to stay master of the grill. Luckily, these manly marinades -- chock full of robust, easy-to-prep ingredients, like beer, tequila and chilies -- bridge the gap between pantry shelves and rugged masculine personae (if anybody asks, it’s the onion that’s making you cry... capiche?).
    23-Jul-2007 - Details


    Infant Nutrition
    Nutrition and nurturing are crucial for lifelong health and well being of any new born baby. Good nutrition starting from birth is imperative to build and foster the foundation of a healthy life for an infant. An infant’s weight almost doubles after about the first five months and triples by the first birthday by which time the length of the infant also increases by half.
    30-Jul-2007 - Details


    Smoothie Recipe
    You can whip up strawberry smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie or banana smoothie in just 60 seconds. All that you require is a fruit blender, fresh strawberries, ripe bananas, yogurt and low fat or skim milk. A smoothie is a pleasant, nutritious, health treat that appeals to all age groups.
    30-Jul-2007 - Details


    Oat Bran
    Oats contain heart healthy ingredients and find a prominent place in the world’s healthiest food list. This explains why for centuries mankind has trusted and acknowledged oat bran as a precious, nutritious food. To many, oat cereal is merely a convenient breakfast cereal. Besides providing for a nutritious breakfast cereal, there are lots of different forms to enjoy oats. Explore the versatility of oats. Find ideas and try oats in different forms – Break away from the hitherto customized oat-eating regime. Oatmeal, oat bran and oat cereal are equally nutritious and facilitate a makeover. Check out classic oat recipes.
    30-Jul-2007 - Details


    In the US canned sauerkraut was ranked number one in a Vegetable Flavor Index by hundreds of consumers and college students in a national taste test. In fact the term ‘sauerkraut’ is of German origin and means ‘sour cabbage’- thinly sliced light cabbage which is shredded and fermented. It has a distinctive tangy flavor and good keeping qualities resulting from the lactic acid which gets formed when the bacteria ferment sugars in fresh cabbage. A little of sauerkraut adds zest to a meal whether it is a hotdog or a side dish to pork. Sauerkraut is a key ingredient in appetizers, soups, salads and sandwiches, in meat or cheese preparations alike. Check out simple sauerkraut recipes, be it sauerkraut with pork or bratwurst sauerkraut.
    01-Oct-2007 - Details


    Watercress Salad
    Reports published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by the University of Ulster Scientists reveal that ‘eating watercress daily can significantly reduce DNA damage to blood cells which is considered an important trigger in the development of cancer’. A prominent member of the cabbage family, watercress is one of the oldest leaf vegetables consumed by human beings. Watercress is botanically related to garden cress and mustard, all of them known for their natural peppery tangy flavor.
    29-Oct-2007 - Details


    Clam Chowder
    Chowder is a thick soup enriched with salted pork layer of fat commonly called as fatback. The soup is thickened by adding flour; traditional chowder usually contains crushed saltine crackers or ship biscuits and milk along with other ingredients. The soup has fish or shellfish, clams and vegetables such as onions, potatoes, in either milk or tomato base. Originally chowders were made with seafood but of the late any kind of thick and rich soup that has chunks of ingredients in it is termed as chowder. The most commonly used ingredients to prepare chowder are potatoes, onions, cream or milk, clams and flour (to thicken the soup). Having originated as a poor man’s dish, chowder has grown to be the favorite food of scores of people all over the world. Clam chowders are especially popular in the U.S.
    29-Oct-2007 - Details


    Mushroom Soup Recipes
    Soup revives and restores anyone and is one of the easiest to cook. See how you can put together a quick and nutritious mushroom soup from our mushroom collection here.
    12-Nov-2007 - Details


    Leftover Recipe
    There is always leftover food after every feast and the one big question lurking is what to do with it. We show you how you can make the most of leftover salmon and leftover turkey. Look up our delicious leftover recipes be it leftover ham recipes or leftover chicken recipes. You can be sure to come up with interesting dishes on your dinner table.
    19-Nov-2007 - Details


    Popular among chefs as the 'poor man’s asparagus', leek is considered a treasure in the European and Mediterranean kitchen. Leek is a well-known garden vegetable and is abundantly found in many parts of Texas. Leek is a member of the onion family and is less pungent when compared to garlic and onion. It is sweeter and milder in flavor when compared to onions and garlic. Leeks enhance the flavor of any dish without altering the flavor of other ingredients that make the dish. Leeks are mainly used in soups.
    26-Nov-2007 - Details


    Fondue Recipe
    The term fondue was derived from the French word 'fondre' meaning 'to melt'. The dish is presented in an earthenware pot and is positioned above a small burner to keep it warm. The pot holds a warm semi-liquid sauce made of cheese mix. Diners dip small pieces of food like bread held in forks into the pot. Fondue is warmed using either alcohol burners or tea lights. Though a variety of fondues are made, cheese fondue is the most popular among the lot. Fondue is consumed by piercing small cubes of French bread with a long fork and dipping it into the warm mixture.
    23-Dec-2007 - Details


    Cook Salmon
    Salmon lends and blends easily into delicious recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees and more. Salmon opens up several healthy and wild alternatives - one can simply open up a canned salmon or go in for a salmon bake. Look up delicious salmon recipes, from smoked salmon recipe and grilled salmon recipe to even simple recipes with leftover salmon. We show you many an interesting way to cook salmon.
    28-Jan-2008 - Details


    Le Chai de l'Abbaye: The Best Tartines in Paris
    You're looking at what I consider the perfect lunch served at one of my favorite places, Le Chai de l'Abbaye, a café just down the street from my apartment in Paris. The Chai makes lots of hot dishes—onion soup, stuffed cabbage, Lyonnais sausage on lentils and the like—but I'm a devotee of this tartine de viande des Grisons. For those unfamiliar with it, a tartine is an open-faced sandwich and it can be made with any kind of topping and any kind of bread, although the topping is usually fairly spare. In general, sandwiches of every variety in France are modest in size, but tartines (coming from the verb tartiner, to spread) are the slimmest members of the sandwich family.
    31-Mar-2008 - Details

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