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    Top > Cosmetic

    Collection of articles addressing cosmetics and skin care to improve your look. News and analyses from the cosmetic and plastic surgery world


    France bans vitamin K1 from cosmetic products
    French health regulator Afssaps (Agence Française de Sécurité des Produits Santé) has put a total block on the production and distribution of the vitamin K1 for cosmetics products - a move that aims to tackle the problem of the growing number of individuals reporting severe allergic reactions.
    27-Apr-2006 - Details


    Cosmetic industry begins to cater to the ethnic skin type
    Four to five years ago physicians didn't know that people of color were so interested in treatments that can help us age gracefully," Battle said. "But now people of color represent the fastest growing segment of cosmetic therapy
    01-Dec-2005 - Details


    It costs to be a beauty like me
    Looking at Lebanese women on the streets these days, you would be forgiven for thinking they were clones. Why? Because cosmetic surgery has become common and is a booming business in the country.
    24-Apr-2006 - Details


    Unsafe cosmetics may cause cancer
    Several cosmetics and personal care products popular with teenagers contain ingredients linked to breast cancer and other serious health problems, according to Washington-based Environmental Working Group's recent study of beauty products
    15-Dec-2005 - Details


    Wives line up for botox injections or a fat lip
    BOTOX injections, facelifts and lip enlargements are proving popular gifts for Christmas as Sydneysiders shell out thousands of dollars on gift certificates to buy that special someone a spot of cosmetic work
    19-Dec-2005 - Details


    10 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2006 From the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Sur
    The American Society for Aesthetic
    Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the leading national organization of board-certified
    plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery, offers its predictions
    for cosmetic surgery in 2006. Predictions are based on interviews with
    leading plastic surgeons around the country.
    20-Dec-2005 - Details


    Cosmetic surgery website launched
    A website that will provide information about cosmetic surgery and treatments is being launched by the government.
    26-Dec-2005 - Details


    Asian Eyelid Procedure New Trend In Cosmetic Surgery
    NewsCenter 5's Heather Unruh reported Friday that 1.3 million procedures were performed on patients of various ethnicities last year -- an increase of 44 percent since 2004. The challenge for plastic surgeons is creating a younger appearance without altering that ethnic look
    26-Dec-2005 - Details


    Adult Acne Treatments Go High Tech
    Adult acne can be a painful and embarrassing problem for many women. Even if they never had acne in their teens, Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler many women develop skin problems later in life.
    27-Dec-2005 - Details


    Geisha glam
    Film inspires upscale fashions and products with Asian flavor. For years, marketers have struggled to translate the fantasy power of their films into sales at fashionable boutiques and department stores
    02-Jan-2006 - Details


    Cosmetics tips
    I'm a natural blonde and the skin on my face has a reddish tone to it, while my neck is a very pale ivory. When I use an ivory-colored foundation (L'Oreal's Ideal Balance) to match my neck, it emphasizes the pores on and around my nose and my eye-area wrinkles
    03-Jan-2006 - Details


    Cosmetic Dentistry: Closing Spaces Between Teeth
    A space between front teeth that prevents the adjacent teeth from touching each other is called a “diastema.” The two most common causative factors are
    06-Jan-2006 - Details


    Cosmetics makers face 2006 with a new look
    Korea's cosmetics companies are rushing to open more brand stores in a bid to increase sales of products that were previously sold at discount stores or on the Internet. Some privately-owned cosmetics shops are joining the trend, being refurbished as franchise outlets
    10-Jan-2006 - Details


    Putting The Worst Face on Cosmetic Safety
    Every day, we smear and spritz ourselves without a second thought. We do this without so much as a glance at the ingredients listed on the backs of bottles and tubes. Even if we did, who could make sense of the jumble of unpronounceable letters
    14-Jan-2006 - Details


    Cosmetic vanity, thy name is man
    46-inch waist, a double chin that threatened to multiply and a bulging belly.

    Life for Amit Bansal was difficult. That was till the plastic surgeon came to his rescue and gave him a whole new look and confidence to match.
    29-Mar-2006 - Details


    Colour and Cosmetics
    Many people avoid artificial colours in their foods, but don't check out the colours in cosmetics and personal care products. It is only in recent years that cosmetics have started to carry a full list of ingredients on their packaging.
    25-Jan-2006 - Details


    Lipstick Tips for Perfect Lips
    A true beauty professional, Kris Ericson, teaches us the tricks of the trade. She has helped numerous women find the PSoL (Perfect Shade of Lipstick) and now she's here to help you!
    29-Jan-2006 - Details


    Plastic Surgery 101
    Plastic surgery is a general term for operative manual and instrumental treatment which is performed for functional or aesthetic reasons
    30-Jan-2006 - Details


    Bogus Botox a dangerous beauty bargain
    Recent reports of "bogus Botox" injections that resulted in the deaths of several women has prompted the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) to issue a statement warning the public against seeking cosmetic treatments from non-physicians
    03-Apr-2006 - Details


    Men seek cosmetic surgery, too
    Men are just as hopeful of looking great as women, said Dr. Robert Perry, another board-certified plastic surgeon with hospital credentials throughout Western New York, including Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center.
    08-Apr-2006 - Details

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