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    Top > Cosmetic

    Collection of articles addressing cosmetics and skin care to improve your look. News and analyses from the cosmetic and plastic surgery world


    Freeze 24-7(TM) Launches New Technology in Personal Care
    Freeze 24-7(TM) announces the launch
    of Ice Shield(TM) Face with SPF 15, the world's first facial cleanser that
    simultaneously applies protective sunscreen by just washing your face.
    Available at retail this September, Ice Shield(TM) introduces a
    breakthrough technology that delivers active sunscreen ingredients in "wash-on" lathering products, leading the development of a new category in personal care.
    28-Aug-2006 - Details


    Tips for Choosing a New Foundation
    It can be risky to branch out to new foundations, but maybe you want to try something new, or you weren’t happy with the foundation you bought last time. Whatever the reason, if you are ready to try something new, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.
    01-Sep-2006 - Details


    Mens Cosmetics
    Men have become more comfortable with the idea of their skin benefiting from cosmetic products. But there is such a bewildering myriad of products out there that choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming.

    The following products are each designed for a particular task, but before you slather on these cleansers and toners, don’t forget the most important thing for your skin: sunblock. Though technically not a cosmetic in and of itself, sunblock is added to many lotions. If yours doesn’t contain it, get a separate bottle -- preferably one that has SPF 15 or higher and that is unscented; you don’t want to smell like a coconut at work.
    01-Sep-2006 - Details


    Tom Ford Gives Good Face
    Tom Ford is back with the follow up to his summer Azuree collection with Amber Nude, which will debut at Estee Lauder counters everywhere this September. This collection is being re-released this year with new shades and with last year's limited edition products.
    01-Sep-2006 - Details


    Lipstick That Acts Like a Gloss
    Let me tell you a little story... I made an appointment at Clinique two weeks ago have my makeup done. I did it all for the samples, I was lured in by the promise of two sample lip glosses and makeup remover. The overall experience was awful. I guess I have just been spoiled by every other counter that has ever applied makeup on me, but what I experienced was just odd.
    04-Sep-2006 - Details


    Update Your Cosmetics Collection
    Fall is associated with the changing colors of leaves, which put on a spectacular show in many parts of the country this time of year. Cosmetics counters across the country also change colors for the season, swapping the natural, neutral hues of summer makeup for the more intense fall hues.
    13-Sep-2006 - Details


    One in 5 Americans wants cosmetic surgery someday
    Less than 10 percent of adults in the US has ever had some type of cosmetic surgery, yet almost twice as many hope to do so at some point in the future, a survey shows.
    19-Sep-2006 - Details


    The Worlds Most Expensive Lipstick and Mascara
    We've seen some crazy diamond-studded ideas before but this may be the most ridiculous or the most fabulous depending on your viewpoint. H. Couture Beauty sells makeup that comes in bejeweled cases and have sold the world's most expensive mascara and lipstick for 14 million dollars. A customer requested a solid 18K gold, blue, white and pink diamond version of the company's Swarovksi crystal and gold plated lipstick and mascara set. The mascara casing will have 2500 blue diamonds and the lipstick casing will have 1200 pink diamonds.
    22-Sep-2006 - Details


    Next Generation Nude
    Tom Ford is back with another collection for Estee Lauder, and you just know this one is going to sell like hotcakes. I don't even have pictures of the new items yet (the one at left is the bronzer from the original Amber Nude collection) but couldn't resist posting
    16-Oct-2006 - Details


    Hairstyles and Cosmetics in Ancient Greece
    During the classical period women wore their hair long except when they were in mourning during which they cut their hair short. Slaves wore short hair. Before the 5th century women's hair was allowed to fall over the shoulders and back. It was often fastened by a headband or diadem. Later hair was often restrained. After the fifth Century BCE there were a number of possibilities including buns, headbands, scarfs, and hair covers. During hellenistic times the hair was artificially waved and curled.
    16-Oct-2006 - Details


    A big focus for fall is mascara
    If our eyes are the windows to the world, then mascara makes the world a lot more beautiful.

    And this fall more than ever.

    Beauty experts agree that mascara is making a lot of eye contact with women. Over the summer, it dominated makeup trend conversations from New York to Los Angeles
    23-Oct-2006 - Details


    Top Five Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men
    Think women are the only ones obsessed with preserving their youthful looks? Think again. These days, men are just as likely as women to opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure. With people living longer, healthier lives, it’s no surprise that both genders want to look as young as they feel.
    01-Nov-2006 - Details


    10 Tips For Choosing Healthy Cosmetics And Personal Care Products
    The cosmetic and personal care product industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry ... and growing. New products are coming onto the market every day.
    10-Dec-2006 - Details


    Estee Lauder To Unveil Gwyneth Paltrow-Inspired Collection
    Estee Lauder, a leading manufacturer in the field of skin care and makeup, has announced the launch of its new bath and beauty collection. The limited edition collection, inspired by the Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, will hit the store shelves in January next year.

    The new collection features an eau de parfum Spray bottle, soothing Bath Salts and Body Satin Spray.
    15-Dec-2006 - Details


    Cosmetic Tips And Tricks - With A Little History
    Women have been wearing cosmetics for thousands of years. Archaeologists have evidence of men and women using cosmetics in Egypt over 6000 years ago! Wealthy Egyptian women would paint their nails, massage their faces with creams and oils, apply lipstick and eyeliner, and even color their hair. Obviously, things haven’t changed that much over the last few millennia!
    15-Dec-2006 - Details


    Best of Beauty 2006
    Each year, hundreds of new beauty products hit makeup counters and drugstore shelves. They all sound great, so it can be somewhat overwhelming to separate the worthwhile from the worthless. To help, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite products released during the past year
    19-Dec-2006 - Details


    Kate Winslets cosmetic concerns
    Kate Winslet says her husband would leave her if she ever had plastic surgery.
    08-Jan-2007 - Details


    Bobbi Brown Violet Face Palette
    Last season Bobbi Brown was inspired by Chocolate, and now she's looking to flowers for her cosmetic inspiration - the Violet collection is fresh, pretty and vibrant, like the wild flowers that Bobbi Brown based the collection on
    08-Jan-2007 - Details


    Dove targets older women
    First of all Unilever’s Dove brand was used to target everyday women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Now the company is fine-tuning its marketing campaign to tap into the 50-plus age group.
    13-Feb-2007 - Details


    Finland updates cosmetic advertising regulations
    New regulations have been compiled in Finland that state that cosmetic manufacturers must be able to substantiate any claims that indicate scientific results following the use of product, stating on what research or sample the result is based.
    30-Apr-2007 - Details

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