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    Top > Fashion Accessories

    Articles full of information to help you choose the fashion accessories that suit your style and personality. Find the best fashion bags, shoes and gloves


    Ethnic accessories
    Accessories maketh the woman – this season more than ever. This winter's boho look is a mix-up of patterns, colours and textures. Think beads, tassles, bejewelled belts and all things ethnic! If you want your jewellery to make a big impression, Luella's colourful Aztec-influenced Perspex necklace (made to order) has your name on it
    08-Feb-2005 - Details


    Tattoo regret: Think before you ink
    What can you buy for less than $100 that will last you a lifetime? A tattoo! And while we are all in the market for stretching the value of our dollar and getting long lasting products, some people regret getting them. At one time tattoos were generally associated only with sailors, but now they are commonly seen on the most unsuspecting of people
    08-Feb-2005 - Details


    ThriftyChick: Boots on a budget
    I'm a college student with a college student budget, and I need some comfortable but cute flat boots for trekking across campus. I need them to be under $100, sleek, simple, and slim enough to fit my skinny 12" calves. To get the most out of my money, I want to steer clear of trends like shearling, fur, lace-up, pointy toe, crazy colors, or cowboy style. It seems impossible to find a flat boot
    08-Feb-2005 - Details


    Jewelry with a twist
    While hemp jewelry is typically seen in stores catering more towards teenagers and young adults, don't let that fool you. The subtle textures and neutral color of natural hemp lends itself very well toward completing a casual ensemble. With dyed hemp, available in a wide variety of colors, you can mix and match your jewelry to your outfit
    08-Feb-2005 - Details


    Ugly JLo of the week
    It's Ugly Shoe Of The Week time again, and this week the fuglies comes courtesy of Jennifer 'I never was JLo, even though it's what I called my album and my fashion brand' Lopez. These $200 wood, acrylic and lucite shoes are described by the retailers as being
    28-Mar-2005 - Details


    Adidas hopes computerized sneaker takes off
    Adidas is about to take the athletic shoe to higher ground.

    The German athletic-apparel manufacturer plans to introduce in stores this week a $250 running sneaker it calls the "Smart Shoe."
    22-Mar-2005 - Details


    Tip toe this summer towards better footcare
    We all want to look and feel good from head to toe but how many of us actually follow this desire through to our feet! When you consider that the average person walks the equivalent of five times round the Earth in a lifetime we should put our best foot forward this summer towards better footcare and footwear!
    15-Jun-2006 - Details


    Women’s Designer Handbags Are a Vibrant Business
    Haute couture will probably run out of ideas someday. However, judging from the new designs of women’s handbags that come out season after season, or year after year—there seems to be no end in sight.
    05-May-2005 - Details


    Victoria's Secret Offers Fantasy Bra
    It's the Victoria's Secret $10 million "Heavenly 70" fantasy bra -- which got its name because there is a 70-carat diamond in the middle.
    15-Feb-2005 - Details


    Wedge Boots
    Those in the fashion know are already working the wedge trend in a winter way with wedge boots. It's not a look that's easy to do, but these funky suede numbers
    16-Feb-2005 - Details


    New image for Van Dal shoes
    Norfolk ladies shoe brand Van Dal is getting a new image thanks to new creative work from communications agency Ware Anthony Rust (WAR).WAR has developed a new range of marketing support material to herald the arrival of Van Dal's latest footwear collection.
    15-Feb-2005 - Details


    Choo does Platforms
    Jimmy Choo, the only brand who could possibly put a platform on a shoe, yet still manage to make it look dainty and ladylike
    15-Feb-2005 - Details


    The Foot Care File
    There’s no point in wearing nice shoes if you’re just covering up manky feet. Read on for our favourite products for making your feet as beautiful as possible
    15-Feb-2005 - Details


    Pink ugg boots
    For many years ugg boots were all generic terms for sheepskin boots and were so much a part of popular australian culture. Whether you call them "sheepskin boots" or "ugg boots" they are incredibly warm, and soft, and have become a big hit with celebrities and trendsetters alike over the past couple of years. Currently all three terms are trademarked by Ugg Holdings, Inc., an American trading name for Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the parent company of "UGG Australia."

    Multi-hued boots are the cutest and most sought after footwear around. They are made from pure Australian sheep skin are available at a discount, if you know where to look. Just begin your search for discount ugg boots by typing an appropriate phrase into the search area, for example simply "pink ugg boots". You need only peruse the pages of any fashion magazine or visit any mall to know that ugg footwear is the choice in footwear these days. There are no fashion rules when it comes to wearing these boots. For girls and women, these fashion boots look fantastic with tight-legged jeans tucked into them, or with short skirts paired with opaque tights or bare legs
    05-May-2005 - Details


    Choosing your Bridal Accessories
    So you’ve chosen your photographer, the dress, the flowers and chosen a hairstyle, but what about your Bridal Accessories? There are so many choices when planning a wedding, however there are some golden rules that should be applied, which will help narrow down your options
    02-Mar-2005 - Details


    Bling Your Ring - Phone Couture Creates Sparkling Conversation
    Krystali, the English Swarovski rhinestone customising studio has revealed that a Rose Pink rhinestone covered phone is now a girl's best friend.
    18-Apr-2005 - Details


    Scarves with everything
    Isadora Duncan died for hers, or at least because of it. Grace Kelly caused a front-page stir with hers in 1956 (Hermès, of course) when she used it as a sling for her broken arm. In the book-soon-to-be-film The Devil Wears Prada, the devil - aka the editor of the leading woman's fashion magazine - never leaves the house without hers flying proudly from the handle of her handbag. From dance to dash, the silk scarf is a powerful style tool, but it's even more powerful when taken out of its confines and used with a touch of invention.
    05-Jun-2006 - Details


    Blondie- It’s totally your bag, baby
    New Zealand fashion accessories designer Roanne Jacobson’s latest handbag for her Saben label is an irresistible 80s-inspired number, adorned with several lengths of chain
    09-Mar-2005 - Details


    Too Hot Accessories
    Fun ,decadent and too hot accessories are where it is at this spring. How about those adorable Bow Belts we are seeing on the runways www.instyle.com fashion. We are seeing them in every color and style and they are simply darling and oh so feminine
    09-Mar-2005 - Details


    The fashion in heels is rising high
    The fashion direction for footwear is moving up. Make way for chunky stilettos, platforms and armorlike wedges reminiscent of the 1970s. Even as medical professionals cast a disapproving eye toward foot contortions that high heels can cause, many style-conscious consumers appreciate the lift.
    05-Jun-2006 - Details

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