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    Top > Fashion Career

    If you dream of a career in the fashion world we offer you online source of information about successful job search in the fashion industry


    How Posh uses fashion to beat the hard times
    Just hours after the High Court was told her marriage to David Beckham is a sham, the 31-year-old appeared in Monaco wearing a blue and green Roberto Cavalli gown with £15,000 worth of costume jewellery.
    19-Oct-2005 - Details


    Fashion Career Expo Launches Online Career Portal
    Fashion Career Expo has launched a highly-sophisticat ed online career portal in anticipation of its 5th New York City hiring event for the design and retail community on October 20.
    19-Oct-2005 - Details


    Accounting jobs back in fashion
    After a slackening in demand, jobs and wages are on the rise again for new graduates
    04-Nov-2005 - Details


    Pupils have clear idea of career plans
    Three quarters of young people have a clear idea of what they want their future career to be, a new survey has reported
    11-Nov-2005 - Details


    Is white the only color of success
    Minorities can have their careers derailed by their tone of voice or hairstyle, a new study shows
    11-Nov-2005 - Details


    Sewing to Fashion Stardom
    To be successful in the fashion industry today, you must be trained with a strong foundation of fashion techniques. Here at Fullerton College, students are lucky enough to have a fashion department prepared to give students who are interested in a career in fashion the foundation they need to be successful
    16-Nov-2005 - Details


    Major trend: Men in fashion design
    He is one of the growing number of men who study apparel merchandising, design and production at ISU. While male undergraduate enrollment at ISU has increased more slowly than female enrollment in the last decade overall, men have more than quadrupled in number in the department dedicated to clothing and fashion.
    17-Nov-2005 - Details


    Jewelry maker is One of a Kind
    A jewelry and pottery course in her fourth year helped her realize that these were the best artistic outlets for her ideas
    23-Nov-2005 - Details


    City girls interested in glamour
    Are you one of these parents in the city who always wanted their daughter to become a doctor, engineer or IAS officer, but are worried that your little girl has suddenly grown up and is aspiring to become another Barkha Dutt, Ritu Beri or Rani Jethmalani?
    29-Nov-2005 - Details


    Workplace Conflict Resolution
    Organization leaders are responsible for creating a work environment that enables people to thrive. If turf wars, disagreements and differences of opinion escalate into interpersonal conflict, you must intervene immediately
    29-Mar-2006 - Details


    Fashion Career Expo to be Held during Fashion Week
    Fashion Week participants can do more than analyze the trends they see on the runways – this year they can also connect with top designers
    25-Jan-2006 - Details


    You Cant Wear That to an Interview!
    The most feared fashion-related interview nightmare of all came true for Indiana University senior Vladimir Kroshinsky. Halfway through his interview for an internship at a mortgage lender, he noticed his fly was unzipped.What might seem like common sense—including checking your zipper before leaving the house—is sometimes overlooked by undergraduates venturing into the working world for the first time. Caught up with their overall appearance or the anticipation of an interview, candidates can forget about seemingly insignificant elements that might dissuade a recruiter.
    24-Aug-2006 - Details


    Fashion Career Expo : 1st Annual Hiring Event for the Fashion Industry
    Fashion Week participants can do more than analyze the trends they see on the runways, this year they can also connect with top designers and retailers at an exclusive hiring event, February 10th at Gotham Hall in New York City.
    11-Feb-2006 - Details


    The Link Between Work Stress and Happiness
    Whether you work on Wall Street or stay home and raise children, the ‘work’ of your life has a significant impact on your identity, your happiness and your stress level. If you don’t truly like what you do, you need a change, or your happiness and even your health can be affected. Whether you alter things about your current position so that you enjoy your days at work more
    08-Jan-2007 - Details


    Fashion Design Career
    Clothes and accessories have been an integral part of human beings since the beginning of civilization. People have been fascinated with changing designs and styles of clothes and have shown interest in following the latest fashion and trends that prevail. A career in fashion design can be rewarding and stimulating, to those with a creative streak and love for fashion.
    05-Feb-2007 - Details

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