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    Top > Fashion Designers > Chanel


    Official site - from Coco Chanel to Lagerfeld
    07-Mar-2005 - Details


    Lagerfeld's comfortable chic for next winter at Chanel
    German designer Karl Lagerfeld dazzled the Paris fashion crowd with his sporty, comfortably chic autumn-winter 2005-06 ready-to-wear collection for Chanel -- offered to both women and men
    07-Mar-2005 - Details


    Focus on Chanel
    A history of one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, from her humble beginnings as a child, to the pioneer of an industry, dominated by men
    07-Mar-2005 - Details


    Coco Chanel Story
    Gabrielle was born on August l9th 1883 in the hospital for the poor in the French village of Saumur. Her birth certificate was mistakenly written "Chasnel" which made it easier for her to erase her actual history later on when she became famous and wanted to forget her poor beginnings.
    07-Mar-2005 - Details


    Coco Chanel - biography
    From her first millinery shop, opened in 1912, to the 1920s, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel rose to become one of the premier fashion designers in Paris, France. Replacing the corset with comfort and casual elegance, her fashion themes included simple suits and dresses
    07-Mar-2005 - Details


    From the Cupboard of Ages Past
    It's somewhat ironic that at the time Karl Lagerfeld sold off every piece of his personal Louis XVI collection at Sotheby's, he would choose porcelain from the Age of Enlightenment as inspiration for his Chanel couture collection. And of course it worked, like everything else Karl touches
    07-Mar-2005 - Details


    Chanel Haute Couture Show of Spring 2005
    Karl Lagerfeld’s imagination is unlimited, isn’t it? This is the question his clients keep asking! Be it pret-a-porter or haute couture, the designer manages to interpret Gabrielle Chanel’s heritage in a most unexpected way
    07-Mar-2005 - Details


    Chanel No1: new looks that will never grow old
    She died 30 years ago, but her ideas are indomitable. Coco Chanel still defines style for the modern woman
    01-Jun-2005 - Details


    Chanel Lives! (At the Met Costume Institute, That Is)
    Metropolitan Museum of Art's latest Costume Institute exhibition. "Chanel," devoted to the 20th century's most iconic fashion designer, runs from May 5th though August 7th
    04-May-2005 - Details


    Stylishly practical
    If you're a fashionista who happens to love surfing, won’t mind braving sweltering heat for a good round of teeing off or says aye to fishing instead of squirming, you’re probably the perfect candidate for Chanel’s latest sportswear collection
    02-Jun-2005 - Details


    Chanel no. 1 - First lady of fashion's styles have timeless appeal at the Met
    Who can name the most talented designer in fashion history? It's easy to name the most important. Gabrielle ''Coco" Chanel (1883-1971) brought fashion into the 20th century, turning what been a form of neo-medieval pageantry -- so much bustled and flounced fabric -- into something as luxuriously up-to-the-minute as a Bugatti roadster
    09-Jun-2005 - Details


    Chanel in the pink as Lagerfeld weaves his magic
    Karl Lagerfeld's collection of suits, dresses and Red Carpet gowns in every shade of pink drew gasps from the audience and displayed his masterful skill as a couturier
    10-Jul-2005 - Details


    Chanels miniskirts and denim, Elizabethan style
    In the words of her own hit single, Kylie Minogue was sent spinning around at the Chanel haute couture show in Paris yesterday.

    Ingenious engineering turned the marquee in the Bois de Boulogne into a carousel for a spectacular finale involving 50 models.
    11-Jul-2006 - Details


    Paris-Londres: Chanel pre-fall Maison d'Art 2008 show
    You've probably heard us banging on the last few days about Chanel's Paris-Londres pre-fall 2008 show - the first of its kind on UK soil, well last night it took place. Karl Lagerfeld has been schmoozing with a host of celebrity friends in the lead up to last night's annual Maison d'Art show, held at the Phillips de Pury & Co headquarters in Victoria. So did Karl Lagerfeld deliver? The resounding view seems to be oh, yes...
    10-Dec-2007 - Details



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