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    Top > Fashion History

    Comprehensive directory of the best articles on the history of fashion. A repository of fashion and costume history info for researching fashion trends in different periods


    New Fashion Line Dedicated to History, Cultural Awareness and Education
    The company’s name hearkens back to the Lewis Allen poem, later adapted and popularized by songstress Billie Holiday, in protest against the lynching of "Negroes", as certain groups of people attempted to prevent Black Americans from participating in American society
    10-Jun-2005 - Details


    Worlds Oldest Hats Discovered
    "Venus Wear" may sound like the latest Fifth Avenue fashion trend. In scientific parlance, however, it refers to clothing and hats that were made approximately 27,000 years ago.

    Until recently, it was thought that humans wrapped simple animal skins around themselves at least 50,000 years ago, with woven clothes and textiles invented only around 8,000 B.C.
    11-May-2005 - Details


    The History of Design through Danese's History
    Danese is an important element in the definition of the identity of Italian design. Their path of development began back in 1957, representing a form of relationship between designers and business
    18-May-2005 - Details


    Looking for historic fashions
    The Rupert Centennial Committee wants the city to celebrate its 100th birthday next year in style. The committee is planning to host a Vintage and Vogue Fashion Show that will display the different styles of clothing for men, women and children from throughout the last century
    25-May-2005 - Details


    History shown in fashions
    Guests at the annual Ladies Day held at Riverside Presbyterian Church had an opportunity to view fashions of the 1800s during the event.

    Shirley Griffin of Lisbon spoke about "A closet full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear!"
    16-May-2006 - Details


    Fashion and Dress: history
    A decade-by-decade look at fashion in the United States
    26-Jun-2005 - Details


    From corsets to costume
    Snibston now boasts the largest display of historic and contemporary fashion outside London
    30-Jun-2005 - Details


    Pie, Anna Wintour, and the history of fur protest
    Despite PETA's efforts, fur remains one of our most resilient fashion luxuries, making its predictable grand comeback every couple of years or so. Regurgitated again as one of fall's most pushed trends, we don't expect
    27-Oct-2005 - Details


    Has the older generation forgotten its fashion crimes
    The other day, the NBA announced that it would impose a strict dress code, moving players from hip-hop lookalikes with bling-bling to business casual.
    27-Oct-2005 - Details


    Perfumes: Where Do They Come From
    Perfumes: we spend hours choosing them, we wear them, we adore them, they are an essential part of our images. We know all new scents that appear, we know how much they cost and where to buy them, we know what kind to wear at daytime or at night – looks like we know everything about them! Or at least it looked like that till yesterday, when my 6 year old niece watching me put on Dior’s J’adore asked a simple question: “And who invented perfumes?” I realized that except for vague ideas about Ancient Egypte and Rennaissence France I could say actually nothing on the matter!
    27-Nov-2005 - Details


    Early 20th Century Sewing Patterns
    The patterns without a year are from a 1908 book and not for a certain design, but rather generic pieces of clothing. The rest is up to you. Instructions from the 1908 book are here. If not stated otherwise, the skirt hip width is 98, waist 60 for those generic patterns.
    28-Jul-2005 - Details


    A comparative study of extant garments relevant to East Denmark in the mid-to-late 14th Century
    The garments that remain to this day are of several types, and give a relatively good (but not complete) overview of what garments looked like in period. Generally speaking, a person would wear a kirtle over his shirt, then optional overgarments. These could be open (sleeveless) or closed (short or long sleeved) surcotes. There are other types of garments documented such as cotehardies, garnaches and garde-corps. None of these have survived however. Mantles, hoods and hose have not been included here for the moment, but I intend to expand the document with information on these types of garments too.
    28-Jul-2005 - Details


    Cross Stitch Basics topic for Museum Mornings Sat
    It does not matter whether you are an experienced cross stitcher or just want to know about the craft, you will enjoy this month's Museum Morning at the Fort Morgan Museum.
    The museum invites you to "Cross Stitch Basics" where you can learn about the history of needlework
    17-Sep-2005 - Details


    Dressing to the right
    For years, men have been bombarded with low-cut bumsters, gaudy tracksuits and blinged-up denims. But a taste for blazers and neck-ties, safari suits and Savile Row tailoring, says Peter Howarth, means skate punks and hardcore hoodies are losing ground to the New Conservatives
    27-Sep-2005 - Details


    Vive le smoking: how YSL invented the female tuxedo
    There is not a trace of smoke in sight as you enter the imposing doors of the Pierre Berg Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris' chic 16th arrondissement. But take a wander around the darkened rooms of Smoking Forever, its latest exhibition, and you feel you have entered the sultry world of an old-fashioned smoking room - with one exception. The tuxes are for the ladies only.
    06-Oct-2005 - Details


    Lavishly attired dolls reflect fashion history
    IT was to two colleagues at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute that Pete Ballard turned when he had the idea to construct fashion dolls from his treasure of materials.
    18-Oct-2005 - Details


    Chasing The History Of The Skirt
    It helped make Marilyn Monroe a legend, drove Austin Powers wild and what would Scarlett O'Hara have been without a flowing silhouette?
    08-May-2006 - Details


    The allure of velvet
    Originally made of silk, the finest natural material originating from a silkworm's single filament, velvet is still a beautiful fabric in its modern incarnations.

    It is an exceptional cloth with the third visual dimension of the pile length and the special texture of the cloth that is "as pleasing to the finger as to the eye" ("Velvet: History, Techniques, Fashion" Fabrizio de Marinis, ed. Idea Books, $35)
    04-Nov-2005 - Details


    Vintage fashion show displays clothes from 1860s through 1970s
    Proudly displaying her treasures for a good cause, Nancy Bordine once again captivated her audience at the 11th Annual Vintage Fashion Show.
    04-May-2006 - Details


    An Online Course on 16th Century Dress
    Dress in this period covers the transition from the relatively softly constructed linear fashions of the Late Gothic (Northern Europe) and Early Italian Renaissance styles, into the far more rigidly constructed, padded and rather more blocky looking Tudor or Northern European Renaissance style.
    08-Nov-2005 - Details

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