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    Top > Fashion Shows > London


    Autum/Winter London Fashion Week key trends
    Bright colours are set to dominate. Popular shades include cobalt, teal, tangerine, lilac and ruby red. Chocolate and cream offer a more muted alternative. For a flashier look you need go no further than something metallic.
    06-Mar-2005 - Details


    London shows its true colours
    There may have been a distinctly icy blast coming off the Thames at London Fashion Week’s new home in Battersea, south London, but bright colours and bold prints combined to make clothing for the colder months a vibrant affair
    06-Mar-2005 - Details


    Youthful optimism hits London Fashion Week catwalk
    Youthful optimism hit the London Fashion Week catwalk when the designer Jessica Ogden sent out a cheery collection of checked painter’s smocks and patchwork skirts in poster paint colours, worn with knitted berets.Those hats were the most obvious symbol of Ogden’s Parisian theme in her autumn/winter 2005 which
    06-Mar-2005 - Details


    Aussie designers hit catwalk
    HE is known for being brash and staging Australia's most extravagant fashion shows, but fashion designer Wayne Cooper showed a different side for his London debut.
    22-Sep-2005 - Details


    Star style and hot trends at London Fashion Week
    Celebrity guests including Jemima Khan and Nicole Appleton enthusiastically greeted the creations at London Fashion Week as designers ushered in the return of the waist
    25-Sep-2005 - Details


    No stiff upper lip for London fashion
    London Fashion Week, which ended Saturday, has never been about marquee names or trend-setting. But it has a plucky spirit. The stiff old labels that suddenly turn chic, the young designers who will try anything, the overall experimental nature that makes New York seem timid
    24-Feb-2006 - Details


    Armani and celebrity friends to glitz up London Fashion Week
    Five days, fifty shows, hundreds of models, thousands of bottles of champagne -- but this year's London Fashion Week, which starts Monday, is likely be dominated by just one designer, Giorgio Armani.
    14-Sep-2006 - Details


    Bored with London Fashion Week
    You can't have missed it: London Fashion Week, which starts on Monday, has been revamped, reorganised, and reborn - again. Why should you, the non-fashion people, care? Well, because along with Wimbledon, the film festival, and the Proms (plus the very occasional royal wedding), fashion week is one of the largest events London hosts and it brings huge amounts of money into the city. The British fashion industry, along with the music industry, is one of this country's biggest, most public, and most popular exporters. Fashion is part of Britain's international image and what happens to it matters.
    16-Sep-2006 - Details


    Weight debate haunts London Fashion Week
    London opened its spring/summer fashion week on Monday, but there was more attention on the body size of its models than on what clothes they were wearing.

    Days of debate about whether some thin women are too skinny for the catwalk because their appearance may encourage eating disorders has pushed the clothes out of the limelight and left organisers begging for a change to the
    19-Sep-2006 - Details


    Asians open London Fashion Week, as skinny row simmers
    London Fashion Week got underway with shows from two top Asian designers heading down the catwalk, amid simmering controversy over calls for stick-thin models to be banned.

    The furore over hyper-slim models in Madrid has threatened to cloud the London clothes fest, where Giorgio Armani's show on Thursday is among the most eagerly-awaited parades.
    19-Sep-2006 - Details


    Paradise found at London fashion week
    The British capital has brightened up the fashion world this week with an ultra vibrant display of hot hues. In contrast to the predominantly nude and black palette seen on the New York catwalks, designers including Paul Smith have opted for summery citrus shades and vivid multi-coloured creations.
    25-Sep-2006 - Details


    New retro at London Fashion Week
    Retro fashion is back for next autumn, according to collections seen last week New York.

    Yes, again.

    But at London Fashion Week, which started yesterday, the capital's young designers demonstrated how retro doesn't have to mean a shortage of new ideas.
    13-Feb-2007 - Details


    London Fashion Week strives for rising star status
    London Fashion Week sashayed into action on Monday with a clutch of feted young designers promising to boost its star status on the industry's map. Yet even as fashionistas and celebrities poured into the city for five days of shows and parties, the debate about underweight models threatened to tarnish the event.
    13-Feb-2007 - Details


    Eco-fashion gets a makeover on catwalk
    Ethical fashion, once the ugly sister of haute couture, is hitting the catwalk in sumptuous fabrics and bespoke accessories as designers embrace the latest trend for considerate clothes.

    Spearheading the trend in the luxury sector are labels like Noir, whose fair trade cotton was one of the staples of its 1930's-inspired catwalk at London Fashion Week on Monday.
    13-Feb-2007 - Details


    The Fashion Forecast at London Fashion Week
    It only comes once a year but it’s an event in the style calendar that has every fashion editor, photographer, designer, hair stylist and general fashion junkie’s ear pricked as next season’s hot looks and fashions are revealed on the catwalk.

    London Fashion Week follows the New York sister event bringing us two weeks of fashion forecasts that heavily influence what we’ll be seeing on the high street and in our style magazines next season. Revealing their Autumn/Winter 2007 collections, highly acclaimed designers from around the world take centre stage in the British capital offering the fashion world a generous sneak peek at what colours, styles, accessories and looks we’ll be donning once the Summer season comes to a close.
    19-Feb-2007 - Details


    British fashion urged to pull its socks up
    While the British fashion industry seems in fine creative fettle, many insiders say it needs to smarten up its act on the business side to compete on the international catwalks.

    The country's chic elite have been on display at London Fashion Week, where the return of some long-absent designers has been welcomed by many.
    19-Sep-2007 - Details


    Paris-Londres: Chanel pre-fall Maison d'Art 2008 show
    You've probably heard us banging on the last few days about Chanel's Paris-Londres pre-fall 2008 show - the first of its kind on UK soil, well last night it took place. Karl Lagerfeld has been schmoozing with a host of celebrity friends in the lead up to last night's annual Maison d'Art show, held at the Phillips de Pury & Co headquarters in Victoria. So did Karl Lagerfeld deliver? The resounding view seems to be oh, yes...
    10-Dec-2007 - Details



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