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    Top > Fashion Style

    Fashion directory gives you information about the latest tendances and news of fashion world. Learn new trends, find your fashion style or follow your fashion interests


    The pins and stripes of officewear
    Shiny nylon and bright nail paint are a strict no-no
    04-Apr-2005 - Details


    How you shape up is in the jeans
    Jane Hall catches up with stylist to the stars Jay Hunt to get her tips on buying the perfect pair of jeans
    01-Jun-2005 - Details


    What to Wear to Work
    Getting dressed for the office doesn't mean leaving your personal style behind. Find out which looks give you a polished, professional look and which fashions can be a career killer
    05-Apr-2005 - Details


    Christian Fashion Trends
    Specialists claim that the world today is experiencing spiritual revival, and believing in something pure and sublime becomes more wide-spread in the society. Be that as it may, after two millennia of existence Christianity still remains a hot and, moreover, fashionable subject. Whether affected by the then deteriorating medical condition of the Pope John Paul II or the disastrous Asian tsunami, inspired by Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ or Dan Brown's bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code, many designers have been expressing their spirituality during the recent Fall 2005 fashion season.
    09-Apr-2005 - Details


    Spring must-haves, according to our fashion experts
    This season's clothing, shoes and accessories come in lots of great colors -- not just the typical pastels one associates with spring, but bright hues
    10-Apr-2005 - Details


    Design your own shirts
    If you thought finding the right pair of jeans was tough, finding the perfect shirt can be just as hard. If you're busty, have a small chest or short arms - or just don't fit the usual proportions, finding a shirt is often a nightmare
    27-Mar-2006 - Details


    Religious themes and images make fashion statements for the faithful
    ''To a generation of young people eager to have something to belong to, wearing a 'Jesus Saves' T-shirt, a skullcap or a cabala bracelet is a way of feeling both unique, a member of a specific culture or clan, and at the same time part of something much bigger
    11-Apr-2005 - Details


    Pregnancy Gets Fashionable
    Gone are the days when fashion choices for pregnant women were limited to oversized tees that read ``Baby This Way'' and shorts with elastic waistbands. These days, pregnancies are much more fashionable.
    11-Apr-2005 - Details


    Safari chic
    Safari style is huge in the fashion world this season . . . and we're not talking khaki twin sets and poacher hats
    11-Apr-2005 - Details


    Stylish Teens Mix Clothing Styles From Several Decades
    Teen girls such as Marxen are making a mark by borrowing looks from fashion history, mixing varied trends from different decades and pairing them to modernize them.
    12-Apr-2005 - Details


    Comfy mix of vintages lends teens hip, eclectic look
    Mary Marxen walks down the street in a vintage tweed jacket from the 1940s, sequined ballerina slip-ons reminiscent of the 1980s, delicate pearls that are so 1920s and a back-combed ponytail styled like mods of the 1960s
    12-Apr-2005 - Details


    Yoga clothing has its own style
    After fashion designer Stella McCartney teamed up in February with Adidas to hawk a line of sportswear accessories, she slapped a $72 price tag - and her name in large letters - on a yoga mat.
    17-Apr-2005 - Details


    Prom-goers flock to brightly colored dresses
    Colors - soft and shocking hues - have taken local prom dresses and gowns hostage, and Hollywood's haute couture crowd are partly to blame.
    13-Apr-2005 - Details


    Long on Fashion Style
    Last spring, we were all in miniskirts. But those miniscule bands of fabric have officially been replaced. This is the spring of the full skirt - also known as the circle skirt, sometimes called the prairie skirt or the gypsy skirt
    13-Apr-2005 - Details


    Trends in looks, life and love
    You've heard black is back in fashion's graces. But here's news: It's back for men.

    The new style icons are Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.
    24-Nov-2005 - Details


    Designers by royal appointment
    Designing clothes for as high profile a figure as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is one of the greatest challenges the fashion world has to offer.
    15-Apr-2005 - Details


    Cool classics — the key to ageless fashion style
    Whatever your age, styles that have stood the test of time are a wise investment. Judy Gordon guides you to the must-haves
    15-Apr-2005 - Details


    Fashion Tips: Express Yourself With Colors
    Feeling troubled over what color to wear? What color makes you look good? Well, fashion is all about yourself. What you choose to wear every morning tells a lot about you and how you felt that day. Even your little handbag carries a little story.

    Mixing and matching is a personal choice, you create your very own style!

    Well, let’s get to understand and have fun with colors
    15-Apr-2005 - Details


    Haute Couture, Hottest Styles
    Straw wedge-heel shoes with ties up the legs, capri calf-length pants, thigh-short skirts and bold colors like lime green, hot pink and fuchsia are the rage for spring and summer.
    20-Apr-2005 - Details


    Fashion meets its mismatch
    Those of you who think the Olsen twins personal style is best described as "a mess" won't be thrilled with next fall's must-wear fashions
    23-Apr-2005 - Details

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