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    Top > Fragrances

    A variety of articles related to fragrances. Information about perfume, cologne, fragrance tips from news sites and magazines around the world


    Fragrance Review: Givenchy Gentleman
    lthough a product of its time, Givenchy's patchouli-inspired fragrance now smells both incredibly modern and surprisingly unisex.
    14-Sep-2006 - Details


    Perfume Marketing
    Perfumes are usually developed and marketed with intense secrecy. Typically, only a small group of people are in the know. We’re turning that process on its head.
    14-Sep-2006 - Details


    Glass perfume bottles - new designs
    We just added two new designs to our popular glass perfume bottle sets. Based on the popularity of our GPB003 set (shown above) we decided more alternatives to satisfy consumer demands. The GPB003 set is five perfume bottles colored brilliantly from the outside, they stand about 5 inches tall (bottom to top of stopper) and each set comes with slight variations in color patterns and shape. This set is referred to as the “ceramic” set by their makers in Egypt.
    16-Sep-2006 - Details


    Fragrance News: Pro Fumum, A New Line of Italian Perfumes at Luckyscent
    The niche perfumery Luckyscent is now carrying the Pro Fumum line of fragrances from Rome, Italy which is said to be crafted in the artisan tradition. It includes eight unisex perfumes. According to Luckyscent, "These scents are exquisitely crafted to evoke emotions, memories and a sense of their (the owners) beloved Italy. These rich and layered fragrances are designed to work equally well on men and women, and, amazingly, they really do. We are proud to introduce to you the wonderful scents of Profumum."
    16-Sep-2006 - Details


    Juliette Has A Gun, A New French Fragrance Line
    Romano Ricci of A&R Parfums announced the creation of a new French fragrance brand, Juliette Has A Gun, inspired by a modernized vision of the Shakespearean universe. It was recently presented for competition at the Beyond Beauty Cosmeeting.
    19-Sep-2006 - Details


    Profumum: new line of fragrances at Luckyscent
    Profumum is a line of fragrances established in Rome in 1996, and available now at luckyscent:

    Antico Caruso (see bottle at right) was "inspired by the scent and atmosphere of a classic, old fashioned barbershop" and has notes of citrus, almond, and sandalwood.
    21-Sep-2006 - Details


    Thierry Mugler Innocent Secret - new at Victoria's Secret
    nnocent Secret is a new fragrance created by Thierry Mugler for Victoria's Secret:

    A delectable new fruity fresh fragrance that sparkles with charm and daring sensuality. Mouthwatering and mischievous, it wets the appetite for what lurks underneath seeming innocence. An enticing mix of citrus and sun-drenched fruits with delicate, dewy petals and a luscious praline swirl.
    28-Sep-2006 - Details


    Robert Piguet Fracas - an appreciation
    Fracas was launched in 1948 by Robert Piguet. Like yesterday's Bandit, it was created by perfumer Germaine Cellier, and like Bandit, it eventually disappeared from the shelves. In 1996 it was reformulated by perfumer Pierre Negrin and relaunched. The notes are bergamot, mandarin, hyacinth, tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley, jonquil, violet, neroli, rose, orange blossom, iris, musk, vetiver, cedar and sandalwood.
    28-Sep-2006 - Details


    How to choose your signature Scent
    THe power of scent is undeniable. Even animals live according to scent, using scents to mark territory and choose a mate. So it is no wonder that a person’s scent can be incredibly powerful; it can even trigger physical and psychological changes in humans. As you may have learned from your mother and grandmother, perfume is more than a great sensory addition to an outfit. A perfect scent will enable you to leave your own mark on someone. With the fragrance industry so overcrowded, we are here to help you pick your very own signature perfume that will make you memorable…
    02-Oct-2006 - Details


    Perfume wars
    How do you cover up the after-scent of a slap? If you're Paris Hilton, a dab of your new signature fragrance can whisk away the stink of a brawl.
    09-Oct-2006 - Details


    Desperate Housewives Forbidden Fruit fragrance review
    Forbidden Fruit is the debut scent from the television series Desperate Housewives, now in its third season on ABC. Created under arrangements with Coty, the Forbidden Fruit fragrance is a fruity floriental with notes of Rome apples, orange blossom, peach, wisteria (a nod to the show's fictional Wisteria Lane), jasmine, ylang-ylang, passion lily, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean.
    09-Oct-2006 - Details


    Aroma M Geisha Marron, June Jacobs Better Love - new fragrances
    Come autumn, and Japanese chestnut vendors turn out in droves, everywhere diffusing the chilly air with the gently musky aroma of their toasty treats.
    16-Oct-2006 - Details


    Kate Moss to launch perfume
    Kate Moss has signed a deal with the UK's Topshop to design a line of clothing and a signature fragrance. The first collection will debut next spring. Topshop, owned by the Arcadia Group, currently has 308 stores and plans to open a flagship in New York
    16-Oct-2006 - Details


    Badgley Mischka Parfum
    When you get a scent that combines a musky undertone with floral notes and other bright, but feminine, components, it starts to smell like the holidays. Could this be a memory of past holiday parties, especially family gatherings, where you have different generations and different perfume preferences all mingling together?
    31-Oct-2006 - Details


    Tom Ford Black Orchid Is Ready for Its Close-Up
    TOM FORD Black Orchid, the first fragrance to bear the name of the designer who recast Gucci as an erotically charged red-carpet staple, is not for wallflowers.
    09-Nov-2006 - Details


    Kylie Minogue launches new perfume ahead of resuming concert tour
    Australian singer Kylie Minogue has released a new line of perfume just days before re-starting the world tour she cancelled in May 2005 after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

    The 38-year-old singer launched her perfume called Darling in Sydney on Wednesday night.She will resume her Showgirl tour in Australia's largest city on Nov. 18.
    09-Nov-2006 - Details


    Gwen Stefani to create signature fragrance for her L.A.M.B. fashion brand
    Now you can look good and smell good, too. Gwen Stefani is launching a perfume for her L.A.M.B. fashion and accessories line.

    Stefani says her deal with Coty Inc., announced Wednesday, is a sign that her success with L.A.M.B. (an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby) isn't fleeting.
    08-Dec-2006 - Details


    Singer Celine Dion launched her latest perfume Enchanting
    Now fans can once again smell the scent of their favorite singer Celine Dion, for the star has launched her latest perfume Enchanting.

    Dion's perfume will compete against the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Dame Elizabeth Taylor in the run up to Christmas.
    10-Dec-2006 - Details


    Rules for Wearing Cologne
    Esquire's in-house grooming expert, Rodney Cutler, chimes in with some aromatic advice of his own:

    1. Your girlfriend knows how to put on fragrance: Spray it once in the air and walk through the mist.
    10-Dec-2006 - Details


    Marie Antoinettes perfume revealed
    Marie Antoinette's fragrance, brought back to life by a French "nose" using the 18th-century writings of a royal perfumer, is to be revealed to the public when it goes on sale at the Chateau de Versailles.
    15-Dec-2006 - Details

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