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    Top > Hair Styles

    The definitive guide to the fashionable universe of hair styles. Learn new trends in hair color and care, discover your dream hairstyle


    Hot Summer Runway Hairstyles- Photos and Tips
    Top stylist hair tips to master the biggest hair trends. Forget about flat irons and ironed straight hair that just hangs there. The top hair styles right now are all about texture and curls
    11-Jun-2005 - Details


    Messy hair: Elegance in sloppy style
    Fair warning: If you tell your wife or girlfriend her hairdo appears a little askew, you obviously don’t realize she may have spent some time getting it that way. Those wispy tendrils and spiky offshoots are not supposed to look like she forgot to secure all the hair in her ponytail or knot. That mussed-up look is intentional.
    05-Jun-2006 - Details


    Latest trend in hair extensions: reusability
    Most must wait years upon years for their hair to grow out. But imagine having hair grow to Rapunzel-length in about six hours.

    Sure, celebrities have been using hair extensions for years to wow us with new, longer dos, going from G.I. Jane to Jane Seymour almost overnight. But there’s a new hair extension trend in town, courtesy of the Canadian Company, True.
    05-Jun-2006 - Details


    Hair style for summer
    Summer is nearly here which not only means a whole new set of clothes to buy for your wardrobe, but new hair cuts and hair styles to consider as well!!!!! This summer, hair styling takes center stage, whether it's a cascading mass of soft waves or one of the graphic shorter bobs or uneven movements we've been seeing around town. Nadeem Ahmed gives us tips on how to achieve the looks of summer style
    05-May-2005 - Details


    One style, two looks—all created by using the right products
    This season’s hair of choice is striking, brilliant and versatile. Texture continues to reign, leading the season with picked out lengths and long, eye-skimming fringes that move flirtatiously across the face
    25-Feb-2005 - Details


    Athletic Hairstyles
    Get geared up for your sporting events with a new hairstyle! Whether your favorite sport is soccer, track and field, basketball, softball, rugby, running or something completely different, keeping the hair off the back of your neck and out of your eyes will surely make playing conditions more comfortable
    25-Feb-2005 - Details


    Hair care
    For thick, strong glossy hair the roots must be firm and scalp healthy and well nourished. Nutrients are key to healthy hair, but to be effective they must reach the roots. A balanced diet rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, especially iron, sulphur, zinc, B complex and Vitamin C
    25-Feb-2005 - Details


    The Long and the Short Haircuts
    No matter how great you look, if you're over 40, your hair isn't what it used to be. Hormonal changes (especially at menopause), years of chemical processing and heat styling, even dieting and smoking, can contribute to skimpier volume, a receding hairline
    25-Feb-2005 - Details


    Kate Bosworth - hair style
    Cut: Long and loosely curled with the centre section looped back and pinned at the crown adding understated glamour to boho texture. Colour: She's got summer's soft Scandi-cool blonde look so right
    09-Jun-2005 - Details


    Virtual hair style
    Have you been considering a new hairstyle or a makeover haircut? Are you wondering how you would look with a short and trendy hairstyle? If you have been contemplating a new style but haven't been adventurous enough to try one, the virtual hairstyle gallery is the place for you. It functions like an online hair salon that gives you a new look sans the risk of 'snipping at the hair'. You can pick many a hairstyle idea from the different hairstyle pictures available. The virtual gallery provides you with various hairstyle pictures to choose from.
    01-Mar-2005 - Details


    Top 10 Hair Myths
    There are many many myths about hair, and sadly perhaps, even hair stylists who should know better circulate some of this Hair Voodoo. Here are the scientific FACTS about the top 10 hair myths
    02-Mar-2005 - Details


    New hairstyles: To do or not to do
    Are you looking for a new hairstyle? If so, there are a few things toconsider before choosing one. Firstly you should decide how much time youwant to spend maintaining your new look and hairstyle. Some people do not mind going to the hair salon once or twice a month where as others like to go every couple of months. Another factor to think about is the versatility of the hairstyle
    02-Mar-2005 - Details


    Latest trends in hairstyles - custom made-to-order. Victoria Wurdinger examines the latest trend
    Looking for a new hairdo? Think about what makes you and your hair unique. Then, find a salon where it’s all about you and ask the right questions
    02-Mar-2005 - Details


    Does cutting your hair frequently, make it grow healthy and long
    As I am sure you have heard, if you cut your hair frequently, your hair will grow in faster, longer, and healthier
    02-Mar-2005 - Details


    Autumn hair trends 2005
    When it comes to hair this autumn, everything is loose, flowing and natural, with looks that are easy to manage. Here's what's in and out this season
    11-Sep-2005 - Details


    Losing your hair isnt funny
    Alopecia is a miserable condition for women, but at last help is available on the NHS. Bryony Gordon reports
    17-Aug-2005 - Details


    Hair with a Feng Shui touch
    Hairdresser to the stars Billy Yamaguchi has been passing on his revolutionary ideas to local stylists - and going to your local salon will never be the same again
    09-Mar-2005 - Details


    77th Academy Awards Hair and Beauty
    The most beautiful hairstyles and makeup at this year's Academy Awards.
    10-Mar-2005 - Details


    26 ways to great hair
    The three artists have teamed up with Italian hair care, styling and color system brand Davines, which is sold in over 55 countries including France, Spain, and the United Kingdom
    11-Mar-2005 - Details


    Could gray be the new blond
    In the afterglow of winning “American Idol, Taylor Hicks took questions after the show. Inevitably, the subject of his radically unusual hair color was broached: “I didn’t have any idea that America would embrace gray hair as much as they have,” he told reporters.
    05-Jun-2006 - Details

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    Slava Zaitsev

    Slava Zaitsev

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