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    Top > Hair Styles

    The definitive guide to the fashionable universe of hair styles. Learn new trends in hair color and care, discover your dream hairstyle


    Style Tips For Hair From Stylist John Birchall
    Classic curls will be the must have look to make maximum impact at this year's Christmas parties" says celebrity session stylist and Harmony Hair consultant, John Birchall.
    11-Dec-2005 - Details


    The perfect hair style
    When it comes to hair, most of us want what we havent got. If its curly we crave sleek styles, if its straight, we want some bounce
    29-Dec-2005 - Details


    Stressed Out Hair
    Your hair may be telling you that it has had too much. It is stressed out! The symptoms of stressed hair.
    02-Jan-2006 - Details


    Care for your hair
    Washing hair regularly cleanses the hair and scalp. But using the right shampoo is important so as to not strip hair and scalp of essential moisturisers.
    06-Jan-2006 - Details


    The beauty shop: Black hair needs tender care
    Vivian Blount taught herself to braid her tightly curled hair with cooking oil and hot forks when she was 8-years-old
    15-Jan-2006 - Details


    Hair and make-up tips for the festive season
    Forget the natural look. Ditch boring beige and brown and say no to those nude shades. The party season is all about daring to have fun with colour and flair
    15-Jan-2006 - Details


    The Best Hair Styles for Your Face Shape
    Find the best hair styles for your face shape. With instructions for how to determine your face shape and pick your hairstyle. Plus celebrity examples of face shape and hairstyle.
    17-Jan-2006 - Details


    Hairdos and hair donts
    It's too short. It's not short enough. The layers are all wrong. Did I ask for bangs?

    If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind after visiting the salon, you've experienced the struggle that many women face: trying to find the perfect haircut.
    24-Aug-2006 - Details


    10 lifestyle mantras to beat hair loss
    We all want lustrous, healthy-looking hair.

    And we spend a pretty packet on trying to get it.

    But most of us miss out on the basics -- like a good diet, a simple but effective daily hair regime and son on. Hence we experience hair conditions like dandruff and hair fall.
    08-Apr-2006 - Details


    7 Hair and Makeup Trends for Spring
    Spring has arrived & we have the scoop on the season's 7 hottest beauty trends. There's some fun stuff here, so have at it. As for us at About, we just can't wait to fish out the sandals. You?
    15-Apr-2006 - Details


    Have Hair Care
    Having a hair cut can change your look completely. It can be better or worse. Sometimes you will feel better when having a new cut or color. Here is the story of hair.
    23-Feb-2006 - Details


    Wedding Hair - The Day After
    The wedding was beautiful. The brides hair was stunning, perfectly styled in a glamorous updo. What about the next day? Beautiful bridal hair that helped to make the wedding day a sensation can sometimes turn into hair horrors by the next morning. There may not be time to shampoo if the bride and groom are catching an early flight to their honeymoon destination
    23-Feb-2006 - Details


    Thinning Hair A Bald Fact
    As you grow older, not only do you grow wiser but as a sign of wisdom, you start losing your hair. Thin hair has been the result of time. But other factors like heredity, modern hair styling treatments like perming, bleaching, coloring etc. have also led to thin hair
    23-Feb-2006 - Details


    The truth about hair extensions
    Does anyone know more about hair extensions? Do hair extensions damage your hair when you take them out? I'm thinking about getting them because of a disastrous haircut, but would appreciate some advice first, as I don't want to end up in an even worse situation.
    18-Apr-2006 - Details


    Summer hair trends: Stay ahead of pack
    Every day a new style comes out as the latest "hot" way to wear your hair. Changing your hair can significantly affect the way someone perceives you.

    Paul Cucinello, color specialist at the Christopher Stanley Salon in New York City, recommends the following hair trends for all hues and texture for Spring/Summer 2006:
    18-Apr-2006 - Details


    The hot hairstyle trend for spring
    After watching the Oscars, it seems that glam upswept hair is the new big thing. Ive also seen sexy updos in fashion magazines and fashion shows. Im not that skilled at playing around with my hair, but would love to learn how to put it up and not look like Im on my way to the gym
    08-Mar-2006 - Details


    For Hip Hair, Accessorize
    Accessories are all the rage this spring, but the hottest are the ones that go in your hair. David Evangelista, The Early Show's stylist to the stars, drops by the show the trendiest accessories that will keep your hair looking hip all season long
    15-Mar-2006 - Details


    The Spring Look of Straight Hair
    This is a newer look of straight hair. No longer perfectly straight and flat, it has a little fullness on top, and allows natural movement. It is very up-to-date and more flattering than the super straight - no bend or wrinkle - style of the past. Use this style for any length of hair from ear length to past the shoulders
    15-Mar-2006 - Details


    Medium Hairstyles - What to do with so many great looks
    When it comes to hair length, medium hairstyles are the most dominant as it is a safe area for all types of hair. Longer lengths can be troublesome to take care of and shorter lengths may not fit different facial shapes or looks as well but medium hairstyles seem to be just right for a lot of women
    15-Mar-2006 - Details


    Hot Hair Look: Ponytails
    If you've watched any awards show this season or picked up a fashion magazine, you've seen the style that it seems everyone's sporting: ponytails!
    15-Mar-2006 - Details

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