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    Top > Hair Styles

    The definitive guide to the fashionable universe of hair styles. Learn new trends in hair color and care, discover your dream hairstyle


    Tips For Natural Hair Coloring
    Do you want to add highlights to your hair without using all those damaging chemicals? Here are some fabulous hair coloring tips to add just a bit of color without ruining the condition of your hair.Hair Coloring
    Herb, Fruit & Vegetable Rinses for Color and Highlights These rinses work over a period of time to subtlely color and add highlights to the hair. First wash and rinse hair, then pour any of these rinses over the hair 15 times catching the excess in a bowl or the bathroom basin as it runs off the hair, then pouring it over the hair again.Enhance Your Blond Hair Naturally

    Brew some chamomile tea and let cool completely. Pour on dry hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse. To bring out highlights and lighten blonde hair, steep 1/2 cup of camomile tea in one quart of boiling water . Strain and cool slighyly. Shampoo hair until oil free, then rinse with the tea infusion. Marigold gives golden highlights to light hair and brings out red and gold highlights in light brown and red hair. Saffron, tumeric, calendula, mullein, privet and yellow broom in addition to any yellow blossomed herb or flower also add color and highlights for blondes.
    15-Jan-2007 - Details


    Hair Care for Kids
    It can be difficult to know what types of products and techniques to use for maintaining the health and style of children`s hair. Knowing what products to use and how to approach kids about their hair can make the job of being a professional child hairdresser much easier for parents.

    Listen to What They Want

    Kids these days are flooded with media images of other kids who are decked out like their adult counterparts with hair products, dyes and styles to look cool. Listen to your child about what kind of hair style they want, and even if it is outside of the boundaries of what you find appropriate, try to find a happy medium. Encourage the child who wants to take a more active participation in their hair.
    15-Jan-2007 - Details


    Hair fashion sensations: Britney Spears, Jack Nicholson go bald
    At Tarzana haircutting studio, Spears shaved her head in an effort for attention, or probably just confirming that she is truly going through a crisis situation
    27-Feb-2007 - Details


    Spring Hair Trends
    From the Antonio Prieto Salon in New York City, comes the hottest hair trends to hit this spring. And in case you didn't know - today is the first day of Spring!

    Color is Bold & Beautiful, Victorian/Baroque Decadence (a la Marie Antoinette), Luxurious & Edgy.
    20-Mar-2007 - Details


    Spring is in the hair
    It's a small indignity to Gamble in exchange for the final result: A blond so bright yet natural that the woman in a plastic cape next to her can't contain her envy.

    The color is what Gamble wanted. It just didn't happen as she expected. Low-lights such as the beige brown and the purple add depth to the blond highlights Ignacio gave her. Instead of a striped faux sun-streaked look, Gamble's hair has a natural appearance.
    26-Mar-2007 - Details


    Hair Care and Modelling
    In the commercial world of fashion and glamour, when a modeling agency chooses a female model for modeling, it judges all the traits the female should have to be a successful model. Skin and Hair needless to say, play the most important part in a modeling career.
    09-Apr-2007 - Details


    6 Free Beauty Tips: Hair
    Use these 6 free beauty tips to make your hair care that much easier:

    1. Test the strength of your hair by pulling a strand taut between your fingers. If it snaps easily it has probably been damaged. Be cautious with the use of hair dryers and heating appliances and use a heat-protective product first.
    09-Apr-2007 - Details


    5 Tips For Using Sedu Hair Straighteners
    Unlike other ceramic straighteners the sedu straighteners is made using a combination of conventional ceramics with the precious stone tourmaline which creates an ultra smooth surface thus preventing the hair becoming broken because of it being pulled and tugged during the straightening process.

    The use of technology in the form of negative ions greatly reduces the time which the straightening process takes and the infra red heat seals in moisture and shine. Like all new equipment however it does take a bit of practice to perfect the art of straight hair using the sedu hair straighteners. With perseverance you too could have salon beautiful hair every day!!
    21-May-2007 - Details


    Hot Wedding Hair Trends
    We've all heard or even experienced wedding day horror stories including anything from cake melting disasters to toasts that become roasts by inebriated guests. Brides today are super savvy and look for possible pitfalls that could put a damper on their day. One important element that a bride can control with confidence is her hair style. Brides are taking advantage of one of today's hottest wedding trends by using hair pieces, extensions and clip-ons, insuring that the wedding day "do" is the least of her worries
    06-Jun-2007 - Details


    For hair, summer is no day at the beach
    It's a shame that with all the highlighted, colored hair going poolside or to the beach this summer, some of it won't come back looking quite the same. That's because while most people are quick to protect their skin from damaging sun rays, many neglect their tender tresses.

    "Since we spend more time outdoors during the summer months it's important to take extra precautions to protect the hair," says stylist and hair-care company owner Frederic Fekkai. "No matter what type of hair you have, chlorine, humidity, sun and salt can do major damage. If you are not careful, exposure to these elements can result in dull, frizzy hair, split ends and brassy-looking highlights."
    16-Jul-2007 - Details


    Hair trends twist and turn
    A range of trends are popping up on local women's heads of late, from versions of Jennifer Aniston's slightly uneven tresses to stylings on the shortish bob of Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham, according to area hair stylists.
    20-Aug-2007 - Details


    Autumn/Winter hair
    The transition between summer and winter has arrived. The shows are done, the trends have been set and it’s time to choose your weapons of style for the coming six months.
    27-Aug-2007 - Details


    Hottest Hair Styles of the Fall Season
    In tonight's You and Improved, News at Nine's Ariel Gurian takes a look into what's hot...for your hair.

    Nothing says style like a great head of hair. So what are the sexiest, sassiest cuts this season?

    Hair stylist Jenny Corcoran says, "right now, this season bob's are really in."

    Short in the back, longer in the front.

    Not brave enough?
    03-Sep-2007 - Details


    Why Keira s 1940s curls are all the rage this Autumn
    Autumn's hottest hair trend is all about soft 1940s curls. Channel your inner pin-up with our expert guide to getting this sexy look...

    Forties fever is back with a vengeance.

    From fashion shows to film sets, waspish waists, skirt-suit silhouettes and feminine tailoring are this winter's hottest trends.
    03-Sep-2007 - Details


    Hot Runway Hair For Fall
    Hair specialists Bumble and Bumble has created some fabulous runway hair styles that go fabulously with this fall’s hot looks. Noted styles were defined by glamorous throwback styles of buns and rolls. Looks were inspired by the1940s with modern touches of today, such as a bit of dishevelment and haloed strands of hair around the face. For those who aren’t into retro, the long loose locks or strong defiant braids seen on runways are a nice recourse.
    10-Sep-2007 - Details


    Short Hairstyles - Short Haircuts
    Short hairstyles suit some people more and everyone seems to have given it a try. Besides being more manageable, they never seem to go out of style. Almost everyone knows someone sporting a short haircut. Short hair requires some length versatility with some areas shorter than others.
    10-Dec-2007 - Details


    Katie Holmes' new 'do brings bobs back in style
    Katie Holmes debuted a stylish bob this past summer and her 180-degree reinvention from low-key twentysomething to sophisticated arm candy of Tom Cruise seemed established -- in this case, the hair really did make the woman.
    17-Dec-2007 - Details


    Top 5 Most Requested Hair Styles of 2007 and Trend Predictions for 2008
    If one wanted to "go short" this year, they requested the famed "Posh" hairdo, the asymmetrical bob cut unveiled by Victoria Beckham. The hair is angled towards the front of the face with the back of the bob being much shorter than the front.
    17-Dec-2007 - Details


    Hot holiday hair looks
    Let loose: flowing curls, waves, faux bobs among hot holiday hair looks.
    Whether you're sporting a pixie cut or shoulder-length locks to the office soiree, dinner party or New Year's bash, a stylish 'do is the essential capper to polish off your holiday ensemble. Jo-Anne Dicken, AG Hair Cosmetics' artistic team leader and co-owner of the Fringe Hair Company, a Calgary salon, says curls and waves boasting softness but lots of volume are high on the list of must-haves for holiday hair.
    23-Dec-2007 - Details


    Blonde Hair Long
    Blondes have all the fun they say….but lets check out what they need to do to take care of these light colored tresses! Whether you are a natural blonde or sport dyed blonde hair, find out what hairstyles you can sport. From long blonde hair to short blonde hair style, there’s a lot you can choose from. Learn tips and tricks on blonde brown hair highlights. We also look at how to bleach blonde hair.
    14-Jan-2008 - Details

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