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    Top > Jewelry

    Directory of jewelry related articles. Find out what you need to know about all types of jewels, explore sites for famous and emerging jewelry designers


    Diamond Jewelry and The Academy Awards
    With the recent Academy Awards ceremony now a blip in the rearview mirror, one cannot help but reflect on the tremendous boom of celebrity endorsements of diamond jewelry by specific designer companies.It amazes me how so many diamond and jewelry companies are literally tripping over each other in an effort to get the Hollywood elite to borrow their designer jewelry pieces for the Oscars
    09-Mar-2005 - Details


    Prince removes Diana's wedding ring
    The gold wedding ring, signifying the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana, will no longer feature on the hands of the Prince.
    09-Mar-2005 - Details


    Charming Trends in Jewelry
    Fashions that owners and their dogs can share.The wearing of charms dates back to 400 or 500 BC, when they were believed to hold special powers -- particularly the power of protection. By the 1890's charms had evolved into a fashion statement and a popular keepsake. Now, as then, charms are often given by mothers to their daughters as gifts or family heirlooms. Many women start collecting them as pre-teens and continue adding to the collection as they mature. Charm bracelets make an ideal gift because of their broad appeal.
    10-Mar-2005 - Details


    Jewelry hits the big time
    Ladies, get ready to bring the bling this spring.The only two rules for jewelry from spring through summer and into fall are big and plenty.
    15-Mar-2005 - Details


    Same Diamond, Different Internet Sites What's Up
    New diamond seeker here. I just purchased a princess cut from Mondera 3 days ago (hasn't shipped yet). Then doing some more looking around today I found that the EXACT same diamond (same cert.) is for sale on 3 other sites. And one is selling it for almost $100 cheaper
    22-Mar-2005 - Details


    Diamond Color or Diamond Clarity
    Part of the beauty of maximizing on the precision cut quality of your diamond is the resultant effect it has on the diamonds visual appearance and beauty. A diamond that has been crafted to achieve maximum cut precision will have significantly greater brilliance, fire, and scintillation than a poorly cut diamond which will appear completely dull and lifeless to the eye.
    22-Mar-2005 - Details


    Rare purple pearl wows jewelers; likely worth $1 million
    The rare, enormous and potentially priceless purple quahog pearl acquired for $14 from a costume-jewelry basket in 2000 by Alan Golash of Newport, R.I., has begun its global publicity tour
    29-Mar-2005 - Details


    Basel Jewelry Trends Everything Goes
    As the Basel Show reaches the mid-way point, style-wise one thing is obvious - this year it's everything and anything. Rough diamonds in vibrant pendants, mixtures of precious stones, wood, silk and rock crystals - its urban chic meets haute couture.
    04-Apr-2005 - Details


    Setting a trend in jewelry as a fashion statement
    For decades, fine jewelry in Korea has been ruled by a dichotomy in consumer preferences: If you're not wearing, say, a real Bulgari, then it must be a copy custom-made by a local jeweler
    04-Apr-2005 - Details


    The How-To When Shopping For Diamonds
    Buying a diamond can be an exhilarating but daunting adventure, especially if you're a newbie.

    If I could offer only one piece of advice it would be this: Learn as much as you can about the 4Cs before you go shopping.

    For the uninitiated, that's cut, color, clarity and carat weight. And I like to add one more - common sense.
    10-Apr-2005 - Details


    Paris' love of dogs extends to jewellery
    Paris Hilton has designed a range of jewellery for dogs. The star, who has a pooch called Tinkerbell, has designed the chic canine
    collars because people admire her dog's style like they do her own
    13-Apr-2005 - Details


    Gwyneth Paltrow the New Face of Damiani Jewelry
    The popular Italian fashion jewelry company Damiani Jewelry chose Nordic blond Gwyneth Paltrow as the new face for their latest ad campaign.
    16-Apr-2005 - Details


    Fashion Flash: Dressing for Your Accessories
    "Separates are big this season, so pretty much anything goes - women are allowing their jewelry and accessory choices to establish the look for their busy days."

    "The wonderful benefit of flipping how you dress in the morning is that even the boldest jewelry can be conservative if paired with a neutral outfit," says Sirlin.

    Watch the fashion trends for styles that match your personality, then invest in solid pieces that you'll love for years to come.
    02-May-2005 - Details


    Fashion time pieces, jewelry, add color to any wardrobe
    Butterflies continue to be a popular motif in fashion jewelry this year and Stinson has a number of different butterfly pins in the $20 price range, including vibrant enameled pieces. She also carries geometric pins with cabachon settings and traditional starbursts
    26-Apr-2005 - Details


    Italian jewelers eye Russia as US sales weaken
    Italian jewelers say they are looking to expand into oil-rich Russia as the strong euro against the dollar and growing competition from countries with lower labor costs hit sales in their key U.S market.
    23-May-2006 - Details


    Skull and Bones for the Jewelry Market
    Who would've guessed that skulls, of all things, would be in fashion.

    According to management remarks in the latest quarterly earnings conference call for Claire's Stores (NYSE: CLE), this is exactly what the jewelry and accessories market is witnessing
    23-May-2006 - Details


    Basel unveils latest platinum jewellery trends
    A new report from this year's BaselWorld fair has revealed that platinum is proving to be designers' metal of choice for the latest jewellery styles.
    13-May-2005 - Details


    Men in shining jewels
    The corporate man wears jewellery. So does the casual man and the funky guy. In fact, we can say, the metrosexual man wears jewellery
    13-May-2005 - Details


    The right way to wear jewelry
    Matching our clothes with a great pair of shoes, a fabulous hairstyle, a gorgeous bag, and not to be left, of course is picking the right jewelry. But do go easy on the sparklies. If you wear too much jewelry you might end up looking like Mr. T. Remember, the wrong jewelry can ruin your overall look
    13-May-2005 - Details


    Elizabeth Taylors life-long love affair with Jewelry
    Dame Elizabeth Taylor has been famous for her love affairs, seven husbands, acting career, perfume line, AIDS activism and nunerous awards. But her passion and love for jewelry has remained constant
    13-May-2005 - Details

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