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    Top > Jewelry

    Directory of jewelry related articles. Find out what you need to know about all types of jewels, explore sites for famous and emerging jewelry designers


    Wireless protection for jewellery
    According to reports, Radio frequency identification (RFID), an electronic-tagging technology, could be used to make jewellery more secure.

    In February this year, scientists at Hitachi Research Labs in Japan developed the smallest and thinnest RFID chip in the world to date measuring 0.05 mm by 0.05 mm2 – smaller than a pepper flake or a grain of sand. In fact, the chips are so small that they can be mixed with paper pulp for making currency and passports, offering an added layer of protection.
    18-Jun-2007 - Details


    The rising stars of the jewellery world get the chance to sparkle
    THIS year’s summer exhibition at the Goldsmith’s Company got a starry launch as visitors flocked to look at silverware and jewellery by some of the brightest designer-makers working in the UK, writes Neville Smith.

    Under the theme of Rising Stars, guest curator Janice Blackburn has chosen 18 designers she considers to be up and coming in terms of their skills, talent and public recognition.
    25-Jun-2007 - Details


    Is Paris Hilton Asset Or Liability For Online Diamond Retailer
    Online diamond retailer Abazias.com recently introduced millionaire Paris Hilton's designer watch brand on their e-commerce site and indicated:

    "Paris Hilton has made a name for herself on the fashion scene with her newly launched watch collections that tie together her exceptional sense of fashion with classic and wearable pieces. Available only at exclusive retailers, Abazias Diamonds is proud to carry exclusive pieces from Paris Hilton's newest watch collection."
    02-Jul-2007 - Details


    How The Internet Has Changed The Diamond Industry
    With the recent passing of Rockdoc, who was a pioneer of consumer advocacy for diamond and jewelry buying on the Internet, I found myself thinking today how the Internet has totally and dramatically changed the face of the diamond industry.
    02-Jul-2007 - Details


    How To: Buy Her Jewelry
    For many guys, buying jewelry for a woman is intimidating and discouraging. Like her shoes and her clothes, her jewelry speaks directly to her personal tastes, yet it uses a language and lexicon most of us find obscure and barely familiar. Meanwhile, some pieces of jewelry are loaded with symbolism ready to pop us like land mines if we’re not careful.
    06-Aug-2007 - Details


    Fashion first - watches for 2007
    Business for the watch industry is good, especially on the high-end. But what about the bread and butter of watches, the fashion watches at the lower end of the spectrum? Just about every retailer has to have some kind of opening price point fashion line to catch people's eyes, create an impulse purchase and make some noise.
    06-Aug-2007 - Details


    Demystifying the jewelry business
    When customers come into Stucki Jewelers Inc. in Grass Valley, they often ask for a particular colored gem or a type of birthstone — but rarely about where their new jewelry came from or how it was produced, Stucki’s owner James Arbaugh said.

    So Arbaugh educates his customers — and selects vendors whose own practices hold up to scrutiny — as a way of separating Stucki Jewelers from mall jewelry stores down the hill.
    06-Aug-2007 - Details


    American entrepreneur Donald Trump is further expanding his brand recognition by adding fine jewelry to his list of real estate, reality television and other commercial achievements. Trump and jewelry manufacturer SHR, a division of M. Fabrikant & Sons, have announced a partnership to create its first branded jewelry collection to be called the Donald J. Trump Signature Fine Jewelry Collection.
    27-Aug-2007 - Details


    Paris Fashion: The jewelers of Place Vendome get in on the act
    With rose-red rubies dangling in the trumpet of a flower and sapphire petals spreading over diamond branches, the "Catherine" necklace from Boucheron opened up its garden of earthly delights.

    This nature-inspired collection was part of a general botanical jewelry theme that sprouted as the jewelers of Place Vendôme opened their doors for the haute couture season.
    03-Sep-2007 - Details


    Jewellery fashion becoming more flamboyant
    Individual style will be the main source of inspiration when sourcing fashion and jewellery products this season, according to research conducted by the Reed Gift Fairs Research Panel.

    “Fashion trends indicate a preference for ‘polarisation’ meaning that style is becoming more extreme. From absolute minimalism to cluttered maximalism; from natural palettes to dramatic mixes of bright,” said Michael Cleghorn, the panel’s trends consultant.
    19-Sep-2007 - Details


    Swarovski: the glitz spirit
    Not so long ago Swarovski was just a kitsch curio beloved of Liberace. Now, after shrewdly courting some of the hottest names in fashion, this venerable Austrian crystal company has polished up rather nicely. And it's all thanks to one woman. Kate Salter meets her
    01-Oct-2007 - Details


    Types of Appearance and Jewelry
    When you choose clothing, make up and jewels it is recommended to keep in mind the type of your appearance that depends on the color of your eyes, hair and skin. They distinguish four types of appearance: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    06-Nov-2007 - Details


    What a Ring Can Tell About?
    In ancient times rings were considered to be not just adornments but talismans and even magic attributes. That is why one of the most important events in every person's life is wedding when a couple gives each other a ring. Great magicians thought that every finger symbolizes particular qualities that is why a ring put on a particular finger can make those properties more intensive.
    06-Nov-2007 - Details


    All that glitters is not gold--in fact, it's better than that
    Runway fashion has a long history of fabulous fakes, dating back to Elizabeth I, who was often laden with bold and beautiful imitation diamonds set in alloys of brass, zinc, tin and lead that resembled glinting gold. But in her book Costume Jewellery for Haute Couture (The Vendome Press, $90), author Florence Muller argues that costume jewellery only came to legitimate prominence in fashion houses and on the runway during the Jazz Age. When Coco Chanel scoffed at traditional fine jewellery and wore outrageous, large paste pieces instead, she turned the tide and women began mixing real with faux. Muller is the curator and director of the Musee des Arts de la Mode (the Louvre's fashion branch), and she would know.
    06-Nov-2007 - Details


    Swarovski Collaborates With Korean Designers
    If you're noticing more Korean designers and brands are using crystals to add sparkle to their products, it's all part of a collaboration with world's leading crystal maker Swarovski.

    Korean designers Lie Sang-bong, Kim Gyu-sik, Kwon Hyung-min, Lim Ok-sang and high-end fashion brand Blumarine sent their sparkling designs down the catwalk at Fradia, Thursday evening. All designs were embellished with the Crystallized Swarovski Elements, the brand name for the Austrian company's famous crystals.
    12-Nov-2007 - Details


    Antique jewellery the next 'in thing'
    ‘Old is gold’. It looks as if the statement has come true even for the jewellery market. As per the latest trend, jewellery lovers are heading more towards pieces and designs that were adorned by people of traditional India.
    12-Nov-2007 - Details


    Jewellery Arabia will offer dazzling luxury
    Manama: Over 500 exhibitors from 27 nations will exhibit items ranging from jewellery to luxury timepieces, to precious stones of every size, shape and cut, at Jewellery Arabia 2007 which opens on November 13.
    12-Nov-2007 - Details


    How Much Would You Pay For A Diamond Simulant (Fake Diamond / Cubic Zirconium)?
    I am often asked for my opinion on fake diamonds, otherwise known as c.z.'s (Cubic Zirconium). To be certain, there is a tangible value in a simulated diamond for people on a limited budget, for those looking for a temporary fix, or for those who just wish for a second (fake) ring to wear...whenever....wherever.
    19-Nov-2007 - Details


    How much Gold is there in the world?
    Gold is a rare metallic element with a melting point of 1064 degrees centigrade and a boiling point of 2808 degrees centigrade. Its chemical symbol, Au, is short for the Latin word for gold, 'Aurum', which literally means 'Glowing Dawn'. It has several properties that have made it very useful to mankind over the years, notably its excellent conductive properties and its inability to react with water or oxygen.
    03-Dec-2007 - Details


    Costume jewelry gains sophistication, loses its stigma
    No room on the credit card for Chopard accessories? No matter. This holiday season, costume jewelry just might be the smartest gift.

    With fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior turning out sophisticated designs (some of which cost as much as the real thing), the stigma of fake jewelry is gone. Today it's not uncommon to see the most chic women mixing fine and faux in the same outfit.
    03-Dec-2007 - Details

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