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    Top > Make-up tips

    Variety of sites offering cosmetic products with advice and tips on skin care, beauty and makeup. Resource directory to all types of perfect make-up that suits you best


    Hot Makeup For Hot Weather
    I need a new foundation, but I get much darker in the summer than I am in the winter. Do I need two different colors for each season or can I get away with one?
    30-May-2005 - Details


    Great new makeup products and other cosmetics tips
    wanted to let you know about some great new products that perform as good if not better then their expensive counterparts.

    For example, Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Triple Effect ($7.99) is marvelous (though it isn't nourishing in the least). It has a dual-sided brush that maximizes length, curl and thickness. One side of the brush with longer bristles quickly lengthens and separates lashes
    16-May-2006 - Details


    Ask The Makeup Diva
    My teenage daughter wants to wear makeup, but I think she is too young. She says all her friends wear makeup and she wants to, too. What do you think we can agree on?
    06-Jun-2005 - Details


    Love Your Lips - Make-up by Armando
    In the spirit of Armando's new lipsticks, this month Make-up by Armando shows you how to "Love Your Lips!" Here are our three tips for you to show your lips just how much you care: Always use a Lip Brush, Frosted lipstick is more translucent than cream lipstick, Lipstick keeps lips moist
    09-Jun-2005 - Details


    Make-Up For Mature Women
    As women age, their faces often go through changes and those changes can effect their makeup needs. Some will struggle with wrinkles and covering age spots or dark circles.
    14-Jun-2005 - Details


    Body Makeup Boosts Summer Cosmetics Sales
    Makeup is no longer just for the face but for the entire body, if cosmetics companies have their way. The companies say women in their 20s and 30s are snapping up their body makeup products to lightly color their arms, legs and shoulders to give their skin a tauter look
    23-Jun-2005 - Details


    How to Choose Colors to Flatter Your Skin Tone
    Make-up tipsDecide which season most accurately describes your complexion. People - and skin tones - can be divided into "seasons," depending on their skin tone.
    23-Jun-2005 - Details


    Discontinued Makeup
    I recently found out that my favorite shade of lipstick (the one I've adored for years) has been discontinued. I have tried to find a match for it from the same (and other) cosmetic lines, but to no avail. Is there anything else I can do? I'm desperate!
    27-Jun-2005 - Details


    DIY Fashion Makeover in Five Days
    Makeover shows are huge right now, but you don't have to resort to plastic surgery or using a professional stylist to get a totally new look. Give yourself a fashion makeover in just five days with our easy-to-follow steps. Buy smarter, look better and get up-to-date with this do-it-yourself makeover course
    30-Jun-2005 - Details


    Hot weather beauty tips
    Looking stylish and relaxed is a difficult business when temperatures soar, especially when heat is accompanied by high humidity. Make-up tips for hot weather
    11-Jul-2005 - Details


    Can anyone recommend a good foundation with SPF for oily skin
    I don't really wear makeup very often, but have been thinking about getting a good foundation with SPF to wear in the summertime because the sun makes my skin blotchy instead of tan, and I don't like the way it looks. I don't want to wear anything too oily or pore-clogging because I have oily skin
    11-Jul-2005 - Details


    Spring fashion must-haves are hot new lipstick, stylish haircut
    Want to give your look a lift? Forget plastic surgery or Botox or even microderm abrasion. A new lipstick can do the trick and so can a chic new haircut.
    18-May-2006 - Details


    Expensive Makeup Looks For Less
    Makeup doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you know what to look for. The key difference between most high-end and drugstore cosmetics is generally pigmentation, color selection, new technology and science
    14-Jul-2005 - Details


    How To Create Beautiful Smoky Cat Eyes
    It is easier than you might think to create professional looking, ‘sex kitten’, smoky eyes. This vampy look can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish. The tips below will create a more powerful look in black, but to achieve a more understated look simply select light grey, burgundy or dark khakis instead.
    Remember, a lot depends on your skin tone and hair color, so why not try a few different tones to see which suits you best?
    15-Jul-2005 - Details


    Spring, Summer Makeup Tips
    Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It's time to update your makeup to keep up with the changing season. James Boehmer, senior makeup stylist for NARS cosmetics has some tips.
    15-May-2006 - Details


    Applying and Removing Makeup for Mime
    You can get cake (water based) vs. clown white (grease based) makeup. Cake may appear streakier than grease makeup. Some cake makeups (Ben Nye or Mehron) are simply pressed powder while others (Kryolan) are glycerin based. Clown white (Kryolan, Mehron) provides a heavy grease base and has talc powder that makes it go on thick. You can also get waterproof clown white (Kryolan). Applying skin moisturizer (not cold cream which is just more grease on your face) before beginning to apply clown white will help the grease makeup to spread easier.
    29-Jul-2005 - Details


    Make-Up Artist Board
    Make-up tipsThis is a Bulletin Board for Make-up artists and Beauty profesionals
    06-Aug-2005 - Details


    Hot trend: Lower-maintenance makeup
    When Sandy Di Stefano sees a woman wearing a lot of makeup, she doesn't think "pretty," she thinks "face paint."
    12-Aug-2005 - Details


    Make Sure Makeup Is Sweat-Proof
    The record-setting temperatures and humidity levels blazing across the country are not exactly what you'd call "beauty enhancers." Makeup can melt halfway down your face in seconds.
    12-Aug-2005 - Details


    Make room in your makeup bag for falls trendiest lip glosses, eye shadows
    At the recent cosmetics trends show at Filene's, I learned a few things. Who knew polypeptides were Clinique's answer to plastic surgery? Not me, and I'm a Clinique girl. I may have been living under a rock for the last month or so because I had NO idea Sarah Jessica Parker had a new perfume out
    12-Aug-2005 - Details

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