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    Top > Make-up tips

    Variety of sites offering cosmetic products with advice and tips on skin care, beauty and makeup. Resource directory to all types of perfect make-up that suits you best


    Winter Fall Holiday Makeup Tips: Black smoky eye: Out, Copper smoky eye: In
    For a while there, the smoky eye done in grays, silvers and blacks was all the rage, but now there is a new smoky eye look emerging. According to Celebrity Makeup Artist, Elke von Freudenberg, coppers, shimmering browns and soft grays are the new way to do the smoky eye. I have to admit, that I like both, but find the colors for the new smoky eye will really bring out my hazel eye color.
    19-Dec-2006 - Details


    Workable Makeover Tips to Enhance Your Appearance
    Looking good will definitely make you feel good, and from there, life will be easier to deal with because most people will react to you more optimistically. People will tend to deal with you better because of the poise and contentment shown in your total outlook.
    25-Dec-2006 - Details


    Hide flaws for Picture Perfect Makeup
    Are you plagued with scars and spots that are extremely difficult to cover? Everyday foundation and powder just don’t do the job for you? Then perhaps it’s time to pull out the big guns. Dermablend makes a variety of products now that hide a multitude of sins. Plus this company gets it right by making their products in colors of the rainbow.
    08-Jan-2007 - Details


    Age-less wisdom: your makeup could be making you look olde
    Jennifer Siglin won’t go out of the house without makeup on her face. Until recently, Siglin would even wear her makeup to bed, get up in the morning, and apply a new coat of eyeliner on top of the previous layer of purple liner and brown mascara.

    That’s before she met licensed esthetician Michelle Phillips who has “a passion to analyze the skin.” She likes to help women recognize how makeup often works against itself (and us) to make us look older than we are.
    23-Jan-2007 - Details


    Finding The Right Shade For Lipstick
    Finding the right shade for lipstick not only enhances your features, but can also reflect your mood and personality. A swipe of well-chosen lipstick can be all it takes to transform how you look and how you feel about yourself.
    As we know, not all shades of lipstick suit everyone; some colors look different on different skin tones.
    10-Mar-2007 - Details


    Makeup for spring is nude but noticeable
    Makeup is getting a make-under for spring.

    Whether your seasonal wardrobe will be made up mostly of cool neutral clothes or pop-art brights, makeup artists advise not to go overboard with rainbow colors.
    26-Mar-2007 - Details


    Spring makeup is natural, but with color
    Makeup is getting a make-under for spring.
    Whether your seasonal wardrobe will be made up mostly of cool neutral clothes or pop-art brights, makeup artists advise not to go overboard with rainbow colors.
    They'll create too much of a contrast with the understated pieces, and you risk appearing cartoonish with the whole mod look.
    09-Apr-2007 - Details


    Makeup Tips For African-American Women
    African-American women have a wide variety of skin tones – from lighter to darker and everything in between. And while makeup lines have improved vastly in the last five years, it’s still a tricky undertaking to find the right shade for your skin tone. So finding the right makeup for your personal skin tone can be a tricky thing. If you choose the wrong color family, you can find yourself with a flat complexion or an ashen look. With a little guidance and some trial and error, you can find a color combination that works for you.
    16-Apr-2007 - Details


    Eye makeup will talk you through the application
    The future of makeup is here. And it has something to say.

    Stila cosmetics recently released a talking eye palette. With the push of a button, it narrates step-by-step instructions for creating the classic, sexy, smoky eye.

    The company went tech-savvy in response to market research it conducted on Sephora clientele. Apparently, the most frequently asked question at the makeup megastore is how to pull together the step-heavy smoky eye
    16-Apr-2007 - Details


    Top 10 wedding day makeup tips
    1. Sleep - Get plenty of "beauty rest" the night before the wedding. The best way to not look tired is to not be tired.

    2. Restraint - Less is almost always more. This is especially true on your wedding day. Simple and elegant will never go out of style. Avoid a "what was I thinking" moment 10 years from now.
    16-Apr-2007 - Details


    Beauty and Skin Care for the Woman on the Go
    Being “Miss Busybody” is one thing, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin care. Whether you’re the stay-at-home mom who has to be everywhere at once, the top executive with endless meetings or the multitasking college student burning the midnight oil, there are helpful tips for staying beautiful on the go.
    07-May-2007 - Details


    Therapy makeup
    Women looking to camouflage a skin disorder such as rosacea or melasma can try a new corrective powder especially designed for coverage on the most sensitive skins. Toronto-based Cover FX Skin Care recently introduced its new Mineral FX pure mineral powder, which offers moderate coverage, SPF15 and acts as an anti-inflammatory to help calm irritated skin. Users seeking more intense, opaque coverage can try the company's Cover FX cream foundation along with Setting FX loose powder. The waterproof foundation/concealer with SPF30, available in 40 shades, contains vitaminE and Bisabobol, an anti-irritant derived from chamomile. Cover FX is $37, Setting FX retails for $30, and Mineral FX is $37. SkinTint FX, a tinted moisturizer with SPF30, is expected to hit stores next month for $42. Available at Nordstrom. Information: www.coverfx.com.
    14-May-2007 - Details


    3 Steps to Natural Summer Makeup
    Summer demands fuss free makeup. A naturally pretty look that would not streak when you sweat. Something that is low maintenance and which looks great on the beach. The trouble is that carefree, nude makeup look is a lot harder to achieve than a painted face. How do you use makeup and look like you were born that way?
    21-May-2007 - Details


    Makeup from minerals: Elemental beauty
    Until recently, “mineral makeups” have been the buried treasure of the cosmetics industry. But since the boom in popularity of outpatient procedures like dermabrasion and chemical peels, a major advertising push, and the popularity of all things “organic,” more and more women have tried the powders and have become converts.
    11-Jun-2007 - Details


    Makeup can make you sick, says expert
    F you apply makeup every day, you are absorbing almost 5lb (2.2kg) of chemicals a year into your body, it is claimed.

    Mr Richard Bence, a biochemist, told British paper The Telegraph that this is more dangerous than swallowing the chemicals as they get absorbed straight into the bloodstream.
    25-Jun-2007 - Details


    Experts Note Potential Risk of Permanent Makeup
    The warning comes from the CDC's Masja Straetemans, PhD, and Martin Belson, MD, along with the FDA's Linda Katz, MD, MPH.

    In a brief letter to the journal, Straetemans and colleagues report that the FDA has gotten 150 reports since 2003 of adverse reactions in people who got permanent makeup.

    Straetemans' team identified 101 patients with such complaints and interviewed 92 of them.
    02-Jul-2007 - Details


    Oprahs makeup artist launches business
    The makeup artist to U.S. talk show queen Oprah Winfrey is launching a business venture to help women look good for a price.

    Reggie Wells is kicking off his new company, thereggiewells.com, Saturday in Chicago with two makeup seminars, a format the the 60-year-old says he wants to become an annual event. For 2008, he's planning a makeup line, followed by a book, his second.
    20-Aug-2007 - Details


    Makeup colors are a knockout, a la Rocky
    You know fall is upon us when beauty companies start pushing femme fatale makeup. Ideally, theatrical colors -- mulberry lips, scarlet-fever blusher, black-widow eyeliner -- should conjure a glamorous diva. But, in reality, a face anchored by a dark matte mouth and penumbral eyelids could easily qualify for the pages of Glamour Don't.
    03-Sep-2007 - Details


    Start fall fresh with updated makeup
    September is the month for starting fresh in so many ways, so why not update what's in your makeup bag? Our surveys show that most women wear the same makeup in the same way for day and night and for years at a time. Perhaps now is the time to introduce a few new colors and techniques. Remember these shopping tips when shopping for the essentials:
    19-Sep-2007 - Details


    Fall cleanup: Danger lurks in makeup drawer
    Is that foundation you bought last fall still safe to wear? What about the lipstick you found in an old purse? We tell you what to use and what to lose.

    Tossing that gunky bottle of lotion when it starts squirting out of the pump like water is a no-brainer.
    26-Sep-2007 - Details

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