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    12 New Listings:



    Le Chai de l'Abbaye: The Best Tartines in Paris
    You're looking at what I consider the perfect lunch served at one of my favorite places, Le Chai de l'Abbaye, a café just down the street from my apartment in Paris. The Chai makes lots of hot dishes—onion soup, stuffed cabbage, Lyonnais sausage on lentils and the like—but I'm a devotee of this tartine de viande des Grisons. For those unfamiliar with it, a tartine is an open-faced sandwich and it can be made with any kind of topping and any kind of bread, although the topping is usually fairly spare. In general, sandwiches of every variety in France are modest in size, but tartines (coming from the verb tartiner, to spread) are the slimmest members of the sandwich family.
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    Category: Cooking



    Totally Tubular: Too Faced's Lash Injection Antidote Eye-Makeup Remover
    When "tube technology" first hit the U.S. mascara market, it seemed a bit gimmicky to me. These mascaras contain polymers that wrap themselves around every single lash, encasing each one in a rubbery little tube.
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    Category: Cosmetic

    Fashion News


    Daniel Craig tops Prince William for fashion sense
    James Bond actor Daniel Craig has topped a list of the Best-dressed men in Britain, while Prince William has been named one of the worst. The prince joins model and style icon Kate Moss's boyfriend Jamie Hince on GQ magazine's shame file, despite his girlfriend being one of the world's most influential people in fashion.
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    Category: Fashion News


    Sarkozy's ex to re-marry in New York: Versace
    Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, the recently-divorced second wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, will marry her lover in New York later this month, the Italian fashion house Versace said Wednesday. "Versace is delighted to announce that Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz and Richard Attias have chosen to be dressed by Versace for the happy occasion of their wedding, which will take place in New York later this month," a statement said.
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    Category: Fashion News

    Fashion Style


    Spring fashion covers the spectrum from brights to neutrals
    The fashion world is showering springtime shoppers with two distinct color palettes this season: juicy, fruity brights that are eye-popping and peppy, or natural neutrals that aim to tap into our eco-consciousness and worldly tastes.
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    Category: Fashion Style



    Perfumes on trial: The truth about our scent industry
    We all have our favourite. Jennifer Aniston loves Prada, Kate Bosworth is a fan of Jo Malone Vintage, and Claudia Schiffer favours anything with Tuberose. Cameron Diaz? She prefers Brown Thomas's Clean, and Sienna Miller adores the "fresh laundry" allure of DKNY.
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    Category: Fragrances

    Hair Styles


    How to Color Your Hair Naturally
    Many of us consider coloring our hair at one time or another. We might crave a change or want to mark a new direction in life. Sometimes, it's nothing more than an amusing whim. Any reason will do, but the same can't necessarily be said for the means. If you've avoided this adventure, concerned about the chemicals used in commercial dyes, there are many natural options to get you back on the path to play and experimentation.
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    Category: Hair Styles

    Make-up tips


    Indian Bridal Makeup Tips
    In bridal makeup, bright and neon colors must be avoided… they simply scream out of photos, but do not go to the opposite side. Every woman whether in india or elsewhere, therefore, must have knowledge of bridal makeup and of things required for indian bridal makeup, because beauty clinics are not available in small towns or villages.
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    Category: Make-up tips

    Mens Fashion


    Style essentials for men
    Most men don’t take fashion seriously, as most women do. Fashion is tricky, but style isn’t. Fashion changes, but style is a personality. You don’t have to be edgy or be a metrosexual to have style. You don’t even have to know fashion. All it takes is a little assessment of your clothing needs and evaluation of what you want to project. There are very basic things to consider when dressing up. To be, at the very least, not a disaster, here are ten things men should know about styling himself.
    31-Mar-2008 Hits: 0 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0 [Rate]
    Category: Mens Fashion



    Wedding do's and don'ts
    I have tons of single friends currently bemoaning the upcoming, fast approaching like a cloud of locusts wedding season. A lot of singles have a big chip on their shoulders when it comes to their friends' and families' weddings, like somehow, somewhere in there, an evil conspiracy is at play. So the first wedding "do" may sound obvious, but it's an important one to remember: DO r
    31-Mar-2008 Hits: 0 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0 [Rate]
    Category: Relationships



    How To: Money Laundering
    For most normal, law-abiding citizens, money problems usually revolve around not having enough of it. For society’s more unsavory types, however, (such as drug dealers, embezzling accountants and corrupt politicians), money problems arise from having too much liquid cash. Depositing more than $10,000 into a bank account will raise a number of red flags with various government agencies, while plopping down a few duffel bags full of Benjamins for that Bugatti Veyron just isn’t practical. So, what’s the sense of “earning” all that cash if you can’t spend it? Luckily, there are methods available for enterprising crooks looking to cleanse their money and make it easy to spend. The process is called “money laundering,” and we’ve laid out some of the best ways to do it below.
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    Category: Shopping

    Women's Health


    Safe Alternatives to Baby Lotions and Wipes
    Phthalates (a group of synthetic chemicals that act as a softening agent) have been getting more bad press lately. A recent article in the February issue of Pediatrics about how infants are exposed to phthalates in baby lotions, cream and wipes got me thinking. I’m moving to an apartment with a bigger kitchen in a few weeks and I’ll be able to set up a changing area close to the kitchen sink so that I can hold my daughters under the faucet instead of using wipes. A French pediatrician in lower Manhattan named Michel Cohen recommends this to all his new moms, and a friend of mine said it’s worked for her. "He calls it 'ze waterfall,'" she said. "It gets them way cleaner than wipes, and cuts down on diaper rash."
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    Category: Women's Health



    Fashion Focus



    Alena Akhmadulina

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