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    Top > Pregnancy

    A source of pregnancy information covering everything from pregnancy symptoms and articles for moms to be to pregnancy complications and birth


    Pregnancy Without Pounds
    Pregnancy Without Pounds is the ultimate guide during pregnancy and for post pregnancy health.

    Designed to help women keep off excess pregnancy weight, reduce cravings, aid in morning sickness and help them regain their figures after the birth of their child
    21-Aug-2005 - Details


    Pregnancy Diary: Staying positive
    It's been several months now and still no period or positive pregnancy test result.
    16-Sep-2005 - Details


    Health before pregnancy
    Get a clean bill of health
    Visit your doctor to make sure that you and your partner are in good health, to find out if you need any tests done and to make sure that you’ve had all your vaccinations, especially for rubella (German measles) which can cause birth defects if contracted during pregnancy. If you have to be vaccinated against rubella, delay falling pregnant for at least three months.
    09-May-2006 - Details


    Home Pregnancy Tests
    If you think you may be pregnant, a simple test using a small sample of urine can provide the answer.

    How do pregnancy tests work?
    A urine pregnancy test looks for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a special hormone that is present only when a woman is pregnant
    09-May-2006 - Details


    Tall women with masculine traits seldom have children
    Tall women are busy with making good careers and have fewer children, but this is not explained with their failure to find good partners. Researchers Denis Deady of Stirling University and Miriam Law-Smith from St.Andrew's University have arrived at a conclusion that the taller a woman the weaker her motherly instinct.
    18-Oct-2005 - Details


    Vitamins C, E May Not Cut Preeclampsia
    A new study questions the usefulness of taking vitamin C and vitamin E supplements to prevent preeclampsiapreeclampsia, a form of high blood pressurehigh blood pressure, in healthy pregnant women.
    06-May-2006 - Details


    Breastfeeding More Than Three Months Helps Prevent Obesity In Kids
    Breastfeeding longer than three months can cut a child's risk of later becoming overweight or obese by more than 40 percent, if the child was born to an overweight mother diagnosed with diabetes during her pregnancy, according to a study published in the May issue of Diabetes Care.
    06-May-2006 - Details


    Pregnant Women Are Not Sweating Enough
    The exercise message is apparently not getting through to expectant mothers.

    Just 6% of pregnant women work out for at least 30 minutes several times a week and only one in 10 pregnant
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Some medicines are fairly safe to take during pregnancy
    While no drug -- prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) -- has been proven "absolutely safe when you are pregnant," many medications are thought to be safe for the mother and developing fetus, according to the National Institutes of Health's Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Pregnancy no time to be on diet
    Alarmed by the rising number of underweight newborns, the health ministry wants women to rethink their diets during pregnancy
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    What you may not know common causes of pregnancy loss
    As many as one in four pregnancies may end in loss. What causes all these miscarriages? Take a look at some of the most common causes of pregnancy loss here.
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Eating disorders and pregnancy
    Pregnancy and eating disorders don't mix. But eating healthy -- or eating at all -- can be difficult for women who have suffered from anorexia or bulimia. There is hope for these women to have healthy pregnancies with the right help.
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Women Who Terminate Unplanned, Unwanted First Pregnancy Do Not Increase Risk of Depression
    Women whose first pregnancy is unwanted and unplanned and who decide to terminate the pregnancy do not increase their risk of depression and might be less likely to suffer from the condition than women who proceed with an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Research sheds reassuring light on science s role in births
    In what probably will be reassuring news to many couples considering fertility treatments, new research suggests that babies conceived with a little help from science are no more likely to have birth defects or chromosomal abnormalities than babies made the old-fashioned way.
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Pregnancy Morning Sickness
    Nausea and other discomfort are common during the first trimester of the pregnancy. Almost all expectant mothers go through it though some women suffer these symptoms in greater intensity. Find out how you can cope with pregnancy morning sickness. Is there any cure for morning sickness? Check out answers to these and more!
    22-Apr-2006 - Details


    Ectopic Pregnancy
    An ectopic pregnancy is a rare medical condition where the fertilized egg is implanted outside of the uterine cavity. This is a life-threatening situation since there is a risk of rupture and hemorrhage. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Find out what puts a woman at increased risk of tubal pregnancy.
    22-Apr-2006 - Details


    Pregnant Women Dont Get Enough Exercise
    Too many pregnant women may be taking their physical fitness for granted during their pregnancy, according to a new study.
    18-Nov-2005 - Details


    A mothers diet may affect her childs susceptibility to obesity
    You’ve heard the saying that you are what you eat.
    Now, new research suggests your mother’s, and maybe even your grandmother's diet may affect your risk for disease.
    01-May-2006 - Details


    Epidural leads to less pain, more assisted deliveries
    Women who receive epidurals during labor report less pain than those who choose opiates or natural childbirth, according to a systematic review of evidence.
    25-Nov-2005 - Details


    New miscarriage warning over smoking
    Women whose partners smoke heavily are at a greater risk of having a miscarriage, scientists have warned.
    25-Nov-2005 - Details

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