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    Top > Sewing

    An assortment of articles on the benefits and enjoyment of sewing. Find sewing and embroidery-related pages, sewing tips, designs, tutorials and free patterns


    Sewing - fit for you
    The depth of the armhole is directly related to the sleeve style. The fuller the sleeve and the more dropped it is, the deeper the armhole can be without affecting comfort. In more fitted sleeves an armhole that is too low can restrict movement.
    05-May-2005 - Details


    Cutting And Sewing Begins
    Press your fabric to be smooth and winkle free. For this pillow cover you will be using one layer of fabric. Lay the pattern out on the fabric. Be sure that the edge of the pattern is an even distance from the salvage of the fabric. This is how you will be keeping the pillow cover "on grain".
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    Sewing Machine Buying Tips
    Whether your going to break the bank or stay conservative when you buy a sewing machine, here's some things to keep in mind
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    Sew Your Own Purse
    There is a way to have a purse to match every outfit without breaking the bank! This purse can be made with a drawsting closure or closed with a small piece of hook and loop tape by adding elastic to the casing that would have been a drawstring. Find free full directions and the pattern here
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    A Passion for Silk - sewing library
    SILK--the mere word creates a vision of cascading softness and elegance, but its popularity goes beyond luxury. Like other natural fibers, silk breathes, making it the perfect choice for any season
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    Sewing Sheer Fabrics
    When you think of soft, pretty, feminine fashion for everyday as well as special occasions, sheer fabrics almost always come to mind. Sheer fabrics like chiffon, organza and voile have also become popular year-round choices for home decorating, from window valances and bed canopies to elegant table dressings and chair drapes. While sheers may require a bit more
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    Frequently Asked Sewing Questions
    Are there any special techniques for working with 2-way-stretch knits? Yes there are many things to remember when working with stretch knits
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    The Sewing Dictionary
    Applique - Sewing a piece of fabric atop another after folding under a small bit of the fabric to create a clean edge. When done by machine, many use a satin stitch (tight zig zag). By hand, blind stitching is often used.
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    An Education in Thread
    Most of our machines, whether intended for embroidery or quilting, are first and foremost sewing machines. They are programmed to sew using a strong, fine polyester sewing thread. Quilting and embroidery are secondary considerations. When we change channels by adding a heavier or sensitive thread, the machine is still in sewing mode and sometimes does not accommodate the new thread
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    Metallic Thread
    Just wanted to pass along a lesson I learned the hard way trying to get through some Christmas gifts....I have always used Sulky metallic thread, but ran out and couldn't find any at the closest fabric store, so I bought Coats and Clark. It kept breaking as I was quilting, even though I had loosened the top tension
    21-Feb-2005 - Details


    Designing Motifs for Bellydance Costume
    A motif is simply a shape. Some costumes have no design motif, but instead an all-over pattern or texture, like that created by sequins and beads completely covering the surface. I prefer to use a motif, because it creates a focal point that directs the viewer's eye to certain areas
    21-May-2005 - Details


    Sewers fashion tailored clothes
    With patterns swirling, tips trading and ideas flying fast and furious, a dozen members of the Fine Fabric and Design Fashionistas discussed all thing sewing Saturday morning.
    17-Aug-2005 - Details


    Steel Thread
    "Bridgestone Metalpha Corporation (a subsidiary of Bridgestone Tire Company) has come up with a revolutionary fiber that which is a by-product of manufacturing steel reinforcements for tires. This fiber has the softness of silk but is made of 100 per cent stainless steel. Iron-clad stainless steel filaments are stretched over many stages after which the iron is removed by acid
    11-Mar-2005 - Details


    Online Stitch Dictionary
    Embroiderers in search of new stitches now have an illustrated online stitch dictionary that they can turn to for inspiration. standard stitches are there, illustrated with high quality graphics and solid directions. There are also some more unusual stitches
    11-Mar-2005 - Details


    Beginner's Help
    Are you a new beader in need of some assistance? Here's a Wonderful Resource for those just starting out. Great instructions, easy patterns, fun projects and a whole lot more!
    20-Mar-2005 - Details


    Saving Sewing Memories
    My Scrap Smart Image CDs got me started. For decades quilts have been a symbol of history and considered heirlooms. Yet as I tried to describe my first sewing projects to my daughter, I had nothing to show her. Why haven't we given the same respect to the things we sew?
    31-Mar-2005 - Details


    Purchasing A Sewing Machine FAQ
    When looking at machines for purchase, it is important to sew on the
    machine yourself, in fact, you should insist on it. You should plan ahead,
    and when you go to the sewing machine store, know the kind of things you are interested in doing. Take pieces of fabric, or whatever you plan to sew on. Do not let the sales rep do the sewing on your fabrics
    07-Apr-2005 - Details


    Sewing Definitions and Terms
    A brief definition of frequently used sewing terms for sewing garments and crafts. Links to more in depth and how to information are included.
    21-Apr-2005 - Details


    Basting - Sewing Blog
    Basting is a comonly used term in sewing. Learn the ins and outs of basting here.
    13-Apr-2005 - Details


    Projects to sew for your pets
    The Home Sewing Association membership, links, sewing projects, sewing tips and morσ
    19-Apr-2005 - Details

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