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    Collection of shopping articles and related info. Links to online shopping, sales, publications, discount sites, special internet deals and auctions


    Shopping Styles in London
    What is our shopping style of the 21st century?
    What does London have to offer?
    To answer this, one must look at the shops we shop in.
    Do they encourage lounging and leisure shopping moments or offer a no-frills atmosphere? And if luxury is such a buzzword these days, do the stores project this trend? What are the different ways of interpreting and executing luxury? By going on a shopping excursion of my own, I set out to answer these questions.
    23-Jul-2007 - Details


    The go-to girl for fashion tips social shopping sites
    Stephanie Rahlfs is the go-to girlfriend for the latest trends. She subscribes to a dozen fashion magazines and reads at least one foreign one a month. She pens a blog called Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle, an online source for designer deals and reviews.
    26-Nov-2007 - Details


    French Window
    French windows elegantly enhance the beauty of any home or building. French windows act as a lens that captures the exterior beauty of your home. They fill the room with fresh air and abundant light. French windows were used right from the 17th century; they were initially used as casements that extended down to the floor. French windows provide ample ventilation and light for any room. They help save a lot of energy as they provide sufficient lighting to the rooms. At the same time, they can make the room very warm in summer. French windows provide a spectacular view of the patio or the exterior of your home thus making it a pleasant experience to sit by the window.
    21-Jan-2008 - Details


    How To: Money Laundering
    For most normal, law-abiding citizens, money problems usually revolve around not having enough of it. For society’s more unsavory types, however, (such as drug dealers, embezzling accountants and corrupt politicians), money problems arise from having too much liquid cash. Depositing more than $10,000 into a bank account will raise a number of red flags with various government agencies, while plopping down a few duffel bags full of Benjamins for that Bugatti Veyron just isn’t practical. So, what’s the sense of “earning” all that cash if you can’t spend it? Luckily, there are methods available for enterprising crooks looking to cleanse their money and make it easy to spend. The process is called “money laundering,” and we’ve laid out some of the best ways to do it below.
    31-Mar-2008 - Details

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