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    Top > Women's Health

    Collection of articles and useful information on women's health issues including pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, menstruation, breast cancer, and sexual health


    Menopause and Anxiety
    The mid-life phenomenon known as menopause and the stresses of anxiety go hand in hand. Panic attacks, rushes of energy, burning in the chest, unusual vibrations throughout the body, and warm sensations are some of the physical effects you may feel under this condition.When Menopause hits, there is a greater chance women will go through anxiety and depression. Christian Northrop talks about this phenomenon in her book, Wisdom of Menopause, where if a woman has repressed something in her life, she won’t be able to get past menopause employing the same tactics. For example, unexpressed anger will find its way out and sometimes in unusual or uncomfortable ways.
    14-Mar-2005 - Details


    Exercise prevents depression, loss of function in pregnant women
    A study conducted on a multi-ethnic group of women during and after their pregnancies has found that over the course of a pregnancy, there were significant declines in the womens' health
    18-Apr-2005 - Details


    Men and women: The differences are in the genes
    For every man who thinks women are complex, there's new evidence they're correct; at least when it comes to their genes
    17-Mar-2005 - Details

    Care and cure, the Tibetan way
    Patients from all over the country, and even abroad, are turning to Tibetan medicines, reports Vibhor Mohan from Dharamsala

    The Tibetan system of medicine has, over a period of time, become very popular due to its ability to deliver quick results
    23-Mar-2005 - Details



    Stress can ravage the body, unless the mind says no
    Stress is the body's response to having an argument or getting hit with an unexpected tax bill. The adrenal glands crank out hormones like adrenaline that drive up blood pressure
    23-Mar-2005 - Details


    Exercise 'best cure' for depression
    DEPRESSED patients should be offered exercise "on prescription" by their GPs in place of drugs, according to a report by mental health campaigners published today.
    29-Mar-2005 - Details


    Birth control pill may offer protection for some women against breast cancer
    A new study shows some women who have a genetic risk for developing breast cancer could benefit from taking oral contraceptives, a finding that contradicts earlier studies suggesting the pill could raise the risk
    04-Apr-2005 - Details


    Wall Street Journal Examines How Pregnant Women Have Led Consumer-Driven Health Care Trend
    The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday examined how pregnant women "are by necessity and ingenuity paving the way" in the consumer-driven health care trend
    17-Apr-2005 - Details


    Nutrition and exercise to control diabetes
    Smart food choices help keep blood sugar, weight, and cholesterol in better control. Focus on fewer calories, and eat less fat (especially saturated fat). Enjoy more fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and legumes instead.
    18-Nov-2005 - Details


    Mesotherapy Treatments Make Cellulite Melt Away, Just in Time for Summer
    Typical mesotherapy for thighs and buttocks may take between six and ten
    treatments, spaced one to two weeks apart. "We have found remarkable success
    with the treatments, especially since we carefully screen our candidates, do
    our research and create the appropriate drug formulas for each case," explains
    Kristine Maki. The micro-injections consist of a combination of vitamins,
    conventional drugs and natural plant extracts
    11-Apr-2005 - Details


    Easing the Anxiety of Pregnancy After Miscarriage
    Pregnancy for most women means joyous anticipation of the birth of a baby, day-dreaming about the child, preparing the nursery, accepting congratulations from friends.
    16-Apr-2005 - Details


    Number of caesarean deliveries still rising
    The number of women giving birth by caesarean has risen despite concerted efforts by health chiefs to reduce them
    16-Apr-2005 - Details


    Cosmetics ingredient scrutinized for safety
    WASHINGTON --- The Food and Drug Administration is investigating whether the chemicals that make shampoos fragrant and nail polish chip-resistant are hazardous to your health. On the other hand, a panel of experts funded by the cosmetics industry surveyed more than 500 cosmetics for risks from three phthalates in 2003.
    25-Apr-2005 - Details


    Is Diabetes Curable
    Is diabetes curable? The traditional healers of Chhattisgarh are having positive answers. But it should be caught in earlier stages they add. The ethno botanical and ethno-entomological surveys conducted in different parts of Chhattisgarh by the author have revealed that over 285 herbs are used traditionally in the treatment of diabetes.

    Paneer plants are collected on special days after performing worship and uttering of Mantras.
    The traditional healers have a unique diagnosis method.
    03-May-2005 - Details


    Should You Douche
    The only thing a woman can say for certain about her vagina is that it is drenched in mystery. And with this mystery comes a bounty of myths. One myth marring the woman’s body is the concept that her vagina is a filthy pit
    30-May-2005 - Details


    Goodbye, skinny chic
    Perhaps most importantly, we need to reject the media and fashion industries that try to persuade us we will never be thin enough. From the zero body-fat actresses on television and in movies to the size zero clothing in many women's clothing stores - especially those marketing to teens and young women
    08-May-2005 - Details


    Health Canada warns consumers not to use unapproved pregnancy test
    Consumers were advised Friday not to use a pregnancy test marketed under the name New Choice Pregnancy Test. The product is not licensed for sale in this country, Health Canada said
    15-May-2005 - Details


    Surgery and angiogenesis in dormant breast cancer
    Analysis of breast-cancer relapse patterns from two independent databases provides indirect evidence for the theory that surgery to remove the primary tumor may initiate formation of a new blood supply (angiogenesis) in formerly dormant metastases, accounting for a pattern of early relapse in younger women.
    15-Sep-2005 - Details


    Oral Contraceptives Associated with Reduced Risk of MS
    Over a 3-year period, the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS) was reduced in women taking oral contraceptives, according to a study in the September issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.
    15-Sep-2005 - Details


    Twentysomething women getting fatter: study
    Women in their 20s weigh five kilograms more now than they did eight years ago, new research shows.
    15-Sep-2005 - Details

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