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    Top > Women's Health

    Collection of articles and useful information on women's health issues including pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, menstruation, breast cancer, and sexual health


    No link found between low androgen levels and low sexual function in women
    No single androgen (sex hormone) level was found to be predictive of low sexual function in women, according to a study in the July 6 issue of JAMA. Sexual dysfunction, primarily low libido, is common among women, with prevalences of 8 percent to 50 percent
    06-Jul-2005 - Details


    Dealing with latex allergies
    Does wearing gloves or using a Band-Aid irritate your skin? These products as well as a hundred others may contain latex and you may be allergic to them.
    03-Jun-2005 - Details


    Female Orgasm: Genes May Play a Role
    A woman's ability to have an orgasm is at least partly determined by her genes and can't be blamed entirely on cultural influences, new research suggests. Experts say that's likely to be interpreted as both good and bad news.
    08-Jun-2005 - Details


    Mastectomies and what not to wear
    They call this the fashionable cancer, but nobody's tackling the basic question - what do you wear
    13-Jun-2005 - Details


    Berries and Your Health
    Whether you choose to mix and match berries in your recipes or go for a one-berry burst, you'll reap the health benefits while adding succulent flavor to your meals
    13-Jun-2005 - Details


    Health Tip: Be Wise About Summertime Exercise
    A pickup game of basketball or an afternoon jog on a sultry summer day could put your health at risk. Under normal conditions, your body is able to adjust to the heat. However, prolonged exposure to rising temperatures makes it harder for your body to keep cool
    21-Jun-2005 - Details


    FDA Approves New Cellulite Treatment
    In the quest for the perfect figure, cellulite is the one obstacle even skinny fashion models can't avoid and they're not alone. Experts say 80 percent to 90 percent of us have at least some cellulite.
    New technology, however, is helping to smooth out
    21-Jun-2005 - Details


    The Old-Age Lie
    For decades, advertising has bombarded teenagers with images of perfect, invincible bodies. Now the elderly are being fed the same untruths about the realities of life.
    22-Jun-2005 - Details


    Truth or Myth - Are You What You Eat
    The human body requires nearly two-thirds of all the elements currently identified by science to maintain proper health. Balancing these minerals is vital yet complex. The skin, the body's largest organ, is responsible for maintaining body temperature and excreting waste
    18-Jul-2005 - Details


    Pregnant and worried about weight
    Michelle Marti, 34, of Stamford, Conn., has always been weight-conscious. Now that she's pregnant with her first child, it's been a challenge for her to avoid becoming obsessed with her expanding body.
    18-Jul-2005 - Details


    Study Targets Stress to Help Pregnant Women Stop Smoking
    A pregnant woman is having a stressful day but instead of reaching for a cigarette, she reaches for the phone. As part of a study to help pregnant women kick the habit, researchers are giving the women a lifeline to help them deal with stress
    11-Jul-2005 - Details


    Long-Term Study Finds Antidepressant Effective For Weight Loss In Women
    A drug approved for the treatment of depression and smoking cessation appears effective for long-term weight loss in obese women, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center.
    11-Jul-2005 - Details


    Low-dose oral contraceptives may increase risk for heart attack or stroke
    Further significance for those women taking low-dose oral contraceptives who already are at increased risk for such events because of polycystic ovary syndrome, or metabolic disorder.
    11-Jul-2005 - Details


    Diabetes and Weight Loss
    Did you know that you can be 'just a little bit diabetic'? The
    condition is technically called 'pre-diabetes', and it is characterized by persistent high blood sugar levels. Pre-diabetes is a serious condition, though its symptoms may be so subtle that you don't notice them affecting your life. More importantly, it's an indicator that there is something seriously wrong with your body. Left untreated, over 50% of those diagnosed with pre-diabetes will develop Type 2 diabetes within ten years
    14-Jul-2005 - Details


    Increased Fitness Level Fights Metabolic Syndrome
    Moderate and higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness are associated with a significantly lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome in adults, researchers report in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.
    14-Jul-2005 - Details


    Acupuncture Can Ease Headaches
    Acupuncture treatments cut the frequency of tension headaches in half in individuals prone to the ailment, a new study found.
    31-Jul-2005 - Details


    Genetic makeup helps dictate how physically and mentally healthy you feel
    You can blame your parents for your hair that frizzes in high humidity and for your short stature. And now researchers at Saint Louis University School of Public Health say your genetic makeup partly dictates how physically and mentally healthy you feel.
    17-Nov-2005 - Details


    Changing diet puts 25m at risk of heart disease
    More than 25 million Japanese, a fifth of the population, are at risk of a heart attack or stroke unless they drastically improve their diet and get more exercise, the government said
    10-May-2006 - Details


    Health before pregnancy
    Get a clean bill of health
    Visit your doctor to make sure that you and your partner are in good health, to find out if you need any tests done and to make sure that you’ve had all your vaccinations, especially for rubella (German measles) which can cause birth defects if contracted during pregnancy. If you have to be vaccinated against rubella, delay falling pregnant for at least three months.
    09-May-2006 - Details


    Women urged to take vitamin D
    A new campaign urging women to take more vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis has been launched today after research revealed that 97 per cent of hip fractures occur because of brittle bones
    29-Sep-2005 - Details

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