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    Top > Women's Health

    Collection of articles and useful information on women's health issues including pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, menstruation, breast cancer, and sexual health


    Doctor say regular exercise is the best way to fight joint disease
    Recent studies show that 60 percent of adults suffering from arthritis in the U.S. do not get the recommended minimum of daily exercise
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Lifestyle education helps prevent diabetes
    Educating high-risk individuals about diabetes prevention really does help them lower their risk, according to a review of studies on the topic.
    12-Nov-2005 - Details


    Men, Women Cope With Stress Differently
    Stress is big business. According to the American Institute of Stress, stress costs employers $300 billion each year in health care and missed work. An entire stress-reduction industry has grown to soothe workers.
    16-Nov-2005 - Details


    Foot Care: Tips to Avoid Cracked Heels
    Without doubt, your feet are the most active part of your body, even more than your hands. In fact most of the time they are definitely overworked
    23-Nov-2005 - Details


    For women, ill health, abuse tied
    Women who are physically abused by a partner face a similar legacy of health problems whether they live in a modern city in the industrialized world or a traditional village in a developing country
    25-Nov-2005 - Details


    Women Who Have Precancerous Cells Removed Still at Higher Risk of Developing Cervical Cancer
    Women who undergo treatment to have precancerous cells removed from their cervix are still at a greater risk of developing cervical cancer in the 20 years after treatment than women in the general population
    25-Nov-2005 - Details


    Red wine boosts good cholesterol
    Now we all have the perfect excuse to crack open a bottle of red wine after a long hard day - a glass of red wine increases good cholesterol and lowers levels of a blood-clotting chemical
    30-Nov-2005 - Details


    Endometriosis - cause of infertility
    Women who do not become pregnant using in vitro fertilization procedures might benefit from being tested for endometriosis -- a condition that has been linked to infertility
    14-Dec-2005 - Details


    Drinking Two Or More Cups Of Tea Daily Might Cut Ovarian Cancer Risk
    Women who drink an average of two or more cups of tea per day might be 46% less likely to develop ovarian cancer than women who do not drink tea
    14-Dec-2005 - Details


    Social assistance affects womens health
    A new study on women and social assistance in Saskatchewan and Manitoba suggests a link between poverty and health that researchers say should concern everyone.
    14-Dec-2005 - Details


    Sleep, sociability may keep grandma healthy
    New research shows that aging women who sleep well and/or have strong social ties have lower levels of interleukin-6, an immune system protein that promotes inflammation and that tends to increase with age.
    14-Dec-2005 - Details


    Why Some Moms Soon Quit Breastfeeding
    More women might breastfeed their babies if they got some advice and attention during and soon after pregnancy, a new study shows.
    14-Dec-2005 - Details


    The business of avoiding babies
    Population control is ensconced in ideology, technology, industry and, of course, health, but at the cost of women's well-being
    14-Dec-2005 - Details


    Unsafe cosmetics may cause cancer
    Several cosmetics and personal care products popular with teenagers contain ingredients linked to breast cancer and other serious health problems, according to Washington-based Environmental Working Group's recent study of beauty products
    15-Dec-2005 - Details


    Helpful hints for a Healthy Holiday
    The most important thing to watch for, especially at this time of year, is staying hydrated. Staying away from soda, tea and coffee, and drinking more bottled spring water and light juices (i.e. cranberry, apple) will keep the fluids flowing throughout your system.
    24-Dec-2005 - Details


    Certain vegetable diet may ward off cancer
    Conducting interviews with 532 people with the cancer, and 1,700 people who did not have the disease, Elizabeth Holly and other researchers from the University of California said eating five portions daily of the most protective vegetables cuts the risk
    26-Dec-2005 - Details


    Femara May Be Better Than Tamoxifen
    A large 27-nation clinical trial shows that postmenopausal women with estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer are less likely to get new breast cancers -- especially cancers in distant parts of the body -- if they take Femara than if they take tamoxifen
    30-Dec-2005 - Details


    Study Demonstrates Safety of Oral Contraceptives in Women with Lupus
    In a major study, women with either inactive or stable systemic lupus erythematosus were able to take oral contraceptives without increased risk of flares that characterize the disease
    30-Dec-2005 - Details


    New pill changes perception of birth control
    Across generations, time zones, political boundaries and cultures, women of childbearing ages share one inalienable truth: once a month, they will get a period.
    30-Dec-2005 - Details


    Pregnancy Timing May Affect Babys Sex
    The longer it takes for a woman to get pregnant, the more likely she'll give birth to a boy, according to a new study.
    30-Dec-2005 - Details

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