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    Top > Divorce

    Online articles for those who are searching for divorce. Divorce-related resources about custody, finances, separation and starting over


    Divorce as understood by earliest Christians
    For married people I have a command which is not my own but the Lord's: a wife must not leave her husband; 11 but if she does, she must remain single or else be reconciled to her husband; and a husband must not divorce his wife
    28-Oct-2005 - Details


    Happy Divorce
    Are the days of the nasty split over? For the sake of the kids, some exes spend holidays together and bring along their new partners. Pass the tolerance, please
    30-Oct-2005 - Details


    Good Divorce Does Not Exist
    Is there such a thing as a “good divorce”? Many divorcing parents console themselves with the idea that emotional and other damage to their children caused by divorce may be minimized if the couple maintains a good relationship after separation and continues to support the children
    31-Oct-2005 - Details


    Divorce, Hollywood Style
    No one goes into marriage with the idea of breaking up, but it happens. You invested ten, twenty, thirty years in the marriage and one day you’re faced with the emotional pain and agony of divorce. Women are devastated if the breakup of their marriage is caused by a third party, usually another woman. The feelings of betrayal, abandonment, lack of self-esteem
    16-Nov-2005 - Details


    There is no good divorce
    Many experts and parents embrace the idea, confident that it's not divorce itself that harms children but simply the way that parents divorce
    29-Nov-2005 - Details


    Divorce study highlights effects on children
    The initial findings of a study on family break-ups has found children are suffering as a result of being left out of the process.
    08-Dec-2005 - Details


    Holidays without homes
    Here in California, the divorce culture is further along and more deeply entrenched than in most places. It isn’t unusual for children to grow up not only with divorced parents, but also with divorced grandparents.
    26-Dec-2005 - Details


    Divorce is affecting me badly
    I have been divorced for four years now and the divorce affected the way I feel about myself and it has affected my self-confidence. It has also affected the way I feel about women as I feel that I can never completely trust another woman.
    04-Jan-2006 - Details


    Till divorce do us apart
    Getting divorced can be a traumatic experience, more so for the spouse who is left in the lurch. While many sulk, simmering quietly, there is a section of people who decide to vent out their frustration in the open.
    10-Jan-2006 - Details


    Will Divorce Mediation Work for You
    Even if you (or your spouse) don't feel ready to mediate, when you consider the financial and emotional costs of a contested divorce, you might want to give mediation a try
    15-Jan-2006 - Details


    Talaq, talaq, talaq: man sends wife a divorce letter
    THE rule of triple talaq to end a marriage may be under debate, but what when a man writes his intention to his wife?

    Nazma Kasam of Bilkha has received a letter by post from her husband Arif Habib Kasam which reads: “Hun tane mari patni tarike na sambandh ane jawabdari mathi mukt karoon chun. Talak, talak, talak. (I free you from the relation and responsibility as my wife).”
    18-Feb-2006 - Details


    Financial advice in divorce
    Who should keep the house? What will it cost both spouses to live after the divorce? How much spousal or child support will be paid and for how long? How can pensions and retirement plans be split?
    18-Feb-2006 - Details


    English divorce law in turmoil
    Until 2000 the English courts divided a married couple’s assets in a way that would ensure that the “reasonable needs” of the financially weaker party — usually the wife — were met. It meant that the spouse who had more assets in his name than his wife was able to keep most of them.
    18-Feb-2006 - Details


    Divorce, New York-Style
    For most New Yorkers, contact with the court system is limited to combat with a landlord or combat with a spouse – i.e. divorce. But to members of the bar and the bench, divorce has always lacked the cachet of other branches of the law such as contracts or real estate
    07-Mar-2006 - Details


    Break-ups can be the hardest thing
    As Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston finally divorce, Jane Hall looks at how to ease the financial parting of the ways
    07-Mar-2006 - Details


    When To Use A Divorce Lawyer And When To Avoid One
    The topic of divorce is never pleasant and usually painful, but if you find yourself at the end of a marriage, it may be your only logical options. Individuals choose to enter divorce proceedings for a variety of reasons, but usually the more civil these proceedings the better
    07-Mar-2006 - Details


    Getting divorced when you have children
    When you live together, problems sometimes arise in the relationship. In some cases this can develop into a deep crisis. Expectations of a life-long partnership are dashed by indifference or continuous arguments. Angry, disappointed, sad, and with a sense of failure you ask yourself if you really want to go on living together
    07-Mar-2006 - Details

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