So what Does This Mean to You as a Designer?

Engineering Design

You have a great design or an ingenious idea that you want to share with the world.
Turning your idea over to an electromechanical engineering department or engineering firm does not mean that you have to give up control over your creative design.

You are simply turning the creative into the practical while communicating what you want as Steve Jobs did to his engineers long ago. You are assigning scientific specialists and AI bots and saying that “I want it made exactly like this.” This requires a concise pattern of design engineering that needs the skills of professionals who are used to CAD and other design and template programs.

You may have a prototype you bring to the design company or you may consult with them first and they may help you design the prototype with you, offering recommendations along the way. Whatever the case, you must eventually turn it over to an electromechanical engineering specialist such as MJS Designs so that they can capture the concept you have and the creativity you want to be put into the machine and then emulate this thousands and thousands of times.

The best part is that, even once they do this, you will get the credit and you keep all of your intellectual rights. This sounds like The best of both worlds.

That’s because it is!