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    Top > Knitting

    Women directory provides news tips, guides and articles relating to knitting. Explore the craft of knitting, techniques, tips, events, projects and publications


    Christmas Patterns
    The holidays will be here before you know it. There's a huge selection of free patterns in this section...everything from stockings to ornaments. Many of the patterns can be knit in an hour or less. Perfect for quick gifts!...
    16-Nov-2005 - Details


    Design Your Own Scarf Pattern
    If you can knit, you can design your own scarf pattern. If you can purl as well, that's a bonus. Unless it's something unusual, such as my Zig Zag Scarf, there's no need for a pattern at all. You just...
    16-Nov-2005 - Details


    Knit Happens
    Bubbe's hobby turns hip as Jewish college girls and young career women discover that taking up yarn and needles provides both tangible and intangible rewards.
    25-Nov-2005 - Details


    Tight-knit group finds expression through yarn
    Knitting isn’t just granny’s pastime anymore.

    Danielle Henderson has spent a weekend knitting a corset and bra set
    01-Dec-2005 - Details


    Leg Warmers
    Leg warmers are all the rage again. Knit these up with two strands of worsted on double points in no time!
    30-Dec-2005 - Details


    Knitting just for fun
    Long gone are the days when you had to knit sweaters, scarves and mittens for your family just to be warm.

    Today's knitters do it for fun.
    14-Jan-2006 - Details


    Knitting: It isnt just for grannies anymore
    The knitting circle at the Augusta County Library reflects the national trend that has taken hold over the past few years. Knitting is cool, and younger generations are turning to this old-fashioned craft that, for some time, was dominated by older women
    13-Mar-2006 - Details


    Knitting gets trendy
    Knitting is no longer reserved for little old ladies in rocking chairs.
    The hobby has swept the nation, enticing hordes of crafters to pick up needles and skeins of yarn and discover the craft that has kept grandmas busy for generations
    18-Mar-2006 - Details

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